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TS-Optics Doublet SD-Apo 150 f/8 FPL53 / Lanthanum Glass Lens - 3.7" Focuser

The new TS Photoline 150mm f/8 Apo impresses with its high optical performance, clean color correction and very good mechanics, with a large 3.7" focuser for large sensor astrophotography

♦ 150mm aperture / 1200mm focal length / f/8 focal ratio

♦ Very good color correction due to colorless image using "Extra Low Dispersion" FPL53 APO element from Ohara (Japan) and Lanthanum glass element

♦ Fast cooling through 2-element lens design

♦ At only 9.5kg, the telescope is still transportable and is carried with mounts from EQ6 onwards

♦ 3.7" focuser with 360° rotation - rack and pinion - one of the best focusers in its class

♦ Multi-coated lens and internal shutters for optimal contrast

♦ Internal thread M92x1 and M68x1 Internal thread available for screw adaptations - lighting up to full format is provided

♦ 130mm working distance from 2" barrel or 230mm without extension piece between focuser and tube

♦ Retractable dew cap, CNC tube rings, search shoe, dovetail bar and carrying handle are included in the scope of delivery

♦ Astrophotography-appropriate focal length correctors and reducers are available

♦ Each Apo is checked on the optical bench at Teleskop-Service before shipment and optimally adjusted. Upon request, we can send you an optical test (focal, extrafocal and intrafocal star images and Ronchi).

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receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

TS 150EDF 150/1200 mm FPL53/APO doublet lanthanum glass refractor

The TS 150EDF is our largest FPL53 doublet refractor. It has the same optical design as the successful Photoline 125mm f/7.8 Apo. The inexpensive yet powerful optical concept makes this dream telescope affordable for amateur astronomers. Whether you are interested in solar and planetary imaging and observations, or astrophotography of nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies, this telescope will give you excellent performance.

The double lens with SD glass, one lens made of FPL53 and the other made of special lanthanum glass, offers maximum performance and color correction previously only known in triple lenses. Each Apo is tested on our optical bench prior to shipment, so optimal performance is always available to you.

The benefits and features of the Photoline 150mm f/8 Apo:

♦ Well corrected double lens with air gap - special glasses FPL53 (by Ohara) and lanthanum glass

♦ Fully adjustable metal frame with temperature compensation

♦ RAP Photoline 3.7" rack and pinion focuser with micro reduction - accepts accessories up to 7kg

♦ Direct threaded connection M92x1 and M68x1 for correctors and reducers for astrophotography

♦ 130mm working distance from the 2" barrel, so you can easily focus with common accessories

♦ If you unscrew the extension piece between the focuser and the tube, the working distance increases to 230mm. This allows you to use binoculars without glass path compensation.

♦ Sturdy aluminum tube with inner panels

♦ Losmandy Style Dovetail Bar CNC Tube Rings

♦ Weighs only 9 kg with a length of 1.1 meters, so the apo is still very transportable

♦ Each Apo is tested on the Teleskop-Service optical bench before shipment and optimally collimated, so that you have an optimal telescope for your application right from the start.

♦ Upon request, we can send you photographic evidence documenting the clear image of the apos star. Included is a focal, extra and infrafocal exposure and a Ronchi exposure. Then the apo gets a TS serial number. The time required for this test is approximately one week.

An ultimate high-end 3.7" focuser:

The RAP focuser is designed for heavy camera photography and observation. The extension holds camera-side accessories up to around 7kg without tipping over. Drawer lighting is also optimized for full-frame sensors.

♦ Adjustment via rack and pinion - no friction - no sag like with the Crayford focuser

♦ Threaded connection M68x1 and M92x1 for other adaptations

♦ Self-centering eyepiece and accessory adapter for 2" and 1.25"

♦ Incorporates 360° rotation for optimal camera positioning

♦ Built-in micro-speed reduction for precise focus

♦ Motorized adjustment can be adapted

Recommended correctors for astrophotography:

TSFLAT3 - Full Format Checker 1.0x

♦ The focal length does not change.

♦ Concealer snaps directly to statement

TS 0.79x PHOTOLINE Focal Length Reducer and Corrector - TSRED379

♦ Focal length reduced to 948mm, aperture ratio improved to f/6.32

♦ Recommended distance from the M48 connection thread of the corrector to the chip: 55 mm

♦ Concealer snaps directly to statement


Aperture: 150 mm
Focal length: 1200 mm
Focal ratio: f/8
Obnjective: air-spaced 2-element lens - adjustable
Special glasses: FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) + lanthanum glass
Focuser: 3.7" rack and pinion focuser
Connecting thread on tube: M124x1 female thread
Extension between focuser and tube: length 100 mm with M124x1 thread (male / female)
Eyepiece side connections: M92x1 female thread, M68x1 female thread, 2" and 1.25" receptacle
Back focus: 130 mm from 2" with innermost drawtube position, 230 mm without extension
Tube length: 1100 mm with retracted dew shield
Tube diameter: 156 mm
Dew shield diameter: 186 mm
Weight: 9 kg
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