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TS-Optics Doublet SD Apo 102mm f/7 - FPL53 / Lanthanum Lens

This Photoline 102/714mm apochromat has a great FPL53/Lanthan objective for very good color correction and one of the best 2.5" R&P focusers in its class.

♦ 102mm aperture / 714mm focal length / f/7 focal ratio

♦ Adjustable doublet in temperature compensated cell

♦ Color error free image due to Ohara (Japan) "Extra-Low-Dispersion" apo FPL53 element and Lanthanum element - with this, we achieve better color correction than comparable apochromats with double lenses.

♦ Less cool down time than triple lenses, so faster operation is possible

♦ Internal baffles for a more contrasted image

♦ One of the best 2.5" focusers in its class, 360° rotation, ball bearings - pinion adjustment - dual speed geared - motor focus can be tailored

♦ M68x1 (female) thread, 2" and 1.25" receptacles available

♦ CNC tube rings and GP style dovetail bar are supplied

♦ Retractable dewcap for transportation. Transport length of only 60 centimeters.

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TS-Optics PhotoLine 102mm f/7 Doublet FPL53 Apo

This apochromatic from Teleskop Service's PhotoLine series offers very good performance in any area of ​​application. By combining FPL53 (Ohara, Japan) and a lanthanum glass element, color correction is achieved that matches that of an FPL53 triplet, with significantly faster cooling. Even at the highest magnification, the image remains free of distracting chromatic aberrations. This means that the fast refractor is not only well suited for astrophotography and wide-field viewing, but also for the moon and planets.

Very fine mechanics guarantees joy with the telescope and universal application capabilities

The new PhotoLine 102mm apo offers, in addition to a state-of-the-art lens, also a mechanical equipment that leaves nothing to be desired. Therefore, the performance of the lens can be fully implemented photographically or visually.

Advantages and characteristics of the PhotoLine 102mm f/7 apo:

♦ 102mm f/7 FPL53 lanthanum glass lens for an image without chromatic aberration

♦ Ball bearing supported focuser with rack and pinion adjustment. The bracket is decoupled from the drawtube fitting.

♦ Oversized draw tube for full illumination even in full frame format.

♦ 1:10 speed reduction for precise focus.

♦ Motorized focus can be adapted.

♦ Thread M68x1 (female) for threaded fittings and 2" / 1.25" for pushed fittings

♦ Internal baffles and very good internal blackening for contrasting images

♦ Retractable spray cap for easy transport

♦ CNC tube rings and GP style dovetail bar in scope of delivery

Astrophotography with the TSAPO102F7:

The Photoline SD-Apo 102mm f/7 is fully suitable for astrophotography, however as with any fast refractor the field needs to be corrected so that even the stars on the edge are round. For this we offer the following options, the correctors are linked in the accessories section.

♦ TSFLAT25DEL 1.0x photoline corrector:

This corrector does not change the focal length. Screws directly to the focuser's M68x1 female thread with the #M68a-M63i adapter. The working distance from the M48 camera thread is 55mm. So adaptation is easy. We will be happy to help you with the adaptation.

♦ TSRed379 - 3" Photoline Reducer and Corrector: This 0.79x corrector reduces the focal length to 564mm and increases speed to f/5.53. The working distance from the M48 thread is 56mm. camera with 55mm flange focal length, simply use an M48 tuning ring with 1mm height.The corrector is screwed onto the M68 connection thread.Illumination and correction are suitable for all sensors up to full frame.


Aperture: 102 mm
Focal length: 711 mm
Focal ratio: f/7
Lens design: Air-spaced 2-element object lens (douplet)
Apo element: FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) + lanthanum glass
Tube material: Aluminium - CNC manufactured
Tube weight: 4.1 kg incl. tube rings and dovetail rail
Tube length: 600 mm
Tube diameter: 105 mm
CNC rings: 5x M6 female thread each side
Distances of the M6 threads: 1x center, 2x 19mm from the center, 2x 30mm from the center
Outer diameter of dew cap: 121 mm
Focuser: Ball bearing mounted 2.5" rack-and-pinion focuser
Connection at eyepiece side: 1.25", 2" and M68x1 thread (female)
Backfokus: 123 mm from 2" receptacle / 161 mm from M68 thread
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