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TS-Optics Doublet SD-Apo 72mm f/6 - FPL53 / Lanthanum Glass Lens

TS Photoline refractor with 72 mm aperture and pure color image, a travel telescope for observing and astrophotography.

♦ Powerful pure color apochromatic refractor with 72mm aperture and 432mm focal length.

♦ Fast aperture ratio: f/6

♦ FPL53 (Ohara Japan) dual lens with air gap - extra special lanthanum glass for pure color image - better color correction than any other dual lens in its class

♦ 2.5" rack and pinion focuser with 1:10 reduction - ball bearings for maximum load and M63x1 internal thread for screw adaptations

♦ Retractable dew cap – the Apo even has room in your carry-on

♦ CNC tube rings with flexible prism rail - EQ5 level and with photo tripod connection.

♦ The finder's shoe is attached to the focuser

♦ Weight of only 2.18 kg - transport length of only 31 cm

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receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

TS Photoline 72/432 mm Apo - a perfect travel telescope for observers and photographers

This high quality Photoline Apo with element FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) was created under the leadership of Teleskop-Service. The goal was to build a compact and powerful telescope that would also appeal to the dedicated astrophotographer. For this reason, we have equipped the telescope with a modern 2.5" R&P focuser, which can also carry heavy accessories such as CCD cameras. Despite its excellent mechanics, the apo is really light at only 2.18 kg and Thanks to a With a length of only 31 centimeters, the telescope also has space in flight luggage, for example.

Photography via the Photoline 72mm f/6 Apo:

The Apo has a large back focus of 135mm from the 2" barrel of the focuser. This allows for seamless use of our optional Image Field Correctors. A corrector is always necessary for good sharpness all the way to the edge.

TSFLAT72 - Corrector without changing the focal length - The corrector leaves the focal length at 432 mm and the aperture ratio at 1:6. The corrector offers full correction and good lighting up to full frame sensors. The optimal working distance from the M48 connection thread to the camera sensor is 55 mm (T-ring + DSLR camera).

TSFLAT2 - Corrector without changing the focal length - The corrector leaves the focal length at 432 mm and the aperture ratio at 1:6. The corrector offers full correction and good lighting up to full frame sensors. The optimal working distance from the M48 connection thread to the camera sensor is 103 mm. The TSFLAT2 is an alternative for astrophotographers who want to use long rigs and need more space than the 55mm TSFLAT72.

TSRED08-72 - Photoline corrector with focal length reduction - The corrector shortens the apos focal length from 420mm to 331mm and improves the aperture ratio to 1:4.74. We recommend the corrector for DSLR cameras up to APS-C sensors and also for astro cameras with medium size sensors. The optimal working distance from the reducer's T2 thread to the sensor is 55mm.

Of course, the correctors and adapters are linked to the recommended accessories.

Looking through the Photoline Apo 72mm f/6:

The generous working distance of the apos even offers the ability to use 2" eyepieces with full illumination. This gives you a gigantic magnification range and field of view.

For example, if you use a 35mm 2" ED Paragon eyepiece and a 2" diagonal star, you can achieve a 5.7 degree field of view at 12x magnification. This makes it possible to observe landscapes and animals even at twilight with maximum image brightness or to observe large foggy areas with a fog filter.

The 72mm colorless lens allows magnifications up to around 200x. See fine details on the surface of the moon or observe the planets of our solar system. The contrast line of the apos will also surprise you in this area.

The TS Photoline is a universal telescope for all areas of observation and photography, and of course for astronomy.

Superior mechanics due to 2.5" rack and pinion focuser

The focuser supports accessories up to about 5 kg without tilting. The extension tube is adjusted through a toothed rack. It is decoupled from the bearing itself. This allows a sensitive adjustment even at maximum load. The 1:11 micro reduction also offers a fine-tuning option for astrophotography.

An internal M63 thread on the extension tube also allows for screw connections.

The 72mm FPL53 Dual Lens

The heart of the refractor is undoubtedly the 72mm f/6 multi-coated lens with the apo FPL53 element from Ohara (Japan) and the lanthanum glass element as the special second glass. This high-quality air-gapped lens offers a color-free image even at the high magnification range.

Through the combination of the proven FPL53 and lanthanum glass, the apo achieves a correction that has so far only been seen with triple FPL53 lenses. As far as we know, the apo is superior to any comparable double lens.

The air-gapped lens is of course adjustable. Each lens is coated with the manufacturer's best possible multi-coating for maximum contrast.


Lens design: apochromatic doublet with FPL53 and lanthanum glass element
Coating: fully multi-coated
Aperture: 72 mm
Focal length: 432 mm
Aperture ratio: 1/6
Tube material: aluminum
Tube length without rings: 315 mm with retracted dew cap
Tube diameter: 82.5 mm
Tube rear thread: M82x1 male (connection focuser)
Dew shield diameter: 88 mm
Dew shield type: retractable
Tube weight: 2.18 kg
Focuser: 2,5" rack-and-pinion, dual speed (1/10)
Load bearing of focuser: 5 kg
Clamping: Compression ring 2" with 3 knurled screws, 1.25" with 1 knurled screw
Working distance from the 2" receptacle: 135 mm with retracted draw tube
Additional thread: M63x1 female thread for photo adaptions
Tube travel: 73 mm
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