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TS-Optics ED Apo 96mm f/6 with 2.5in RAP Focuser - Japan ED Lens

The Premium ED Apo with 96mm aperture and fast f/6 is a portable telescope for astrophotography and observation

♦ 96mm aperture / 575mm focal length / f/6 focal ratio

♦ Good correction of chromatic aberration through special glass FDC1

♦ Lens made in Japan - very good image quality

♦ Internal screens to improve contrast

♦ 2.5" RAP focuser with gear reduction and improved focuser support via large ball bearings

♦ Connection internal thread 1.25", 2" and M63x1 on the eyepiece side

♦ Retractable spray cap for transport - can be extended up to 100mm

♦ Finder shoe included to accommodate small finders and guide sights.

♦ CNC clamps and two Vixen / EQ5 style dovetail bars are included.

♦ For astrophotography we offer a 0.94x reducer and corrector made for this telescope.

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receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

TS 96mm f/6 ED-APO refractor for astrophotography and observation

The compact ED is still well supported by smaller mounts like the EQ3. With a transport length of just 46 cm thanks to the retractable dew cap, the ED also has room in flight luggage. Well-corrected ED optics allow for exciting lunar and planetary observations, wonderful deep-sky observations, and of course astrophotography, with the right corrector.

The 96mm f/6 ED lens:

The 2-element lens is made in Japan. Although the lens is "just" an ED optic, it convinces with good color correction. This allows the ED lens to show its strengths even in the high magnification range up to around 200x, while maintaining contrast.

The 2.5" focuser of the ED refractor:

The telescope's focuser is also convincing. The large ball bearings also hold heavy cameras and optical accessories very well. Thanks to micro reduction, you can focus very well and easily find the optimal focus for photography, but also for observation. In addition to the 2" and 1.25" connection, the focuser also offers an internal thread M63x1 for screw adaptations, for example to connect the photocorrector.

The TS 96mm f/6 ED for astrophotography:

With the optional TSRED94 corrector, which was designed for this telescope, high-level astrophotography is possible. The use of full frame sensors is not a problem. Thanks to the good correction of the lens and the corrector, the color fringes around the stars are minimal and will not bother you.


Telescope type: Refactor
Aperture: 96 mm
Focal length: 575 mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Objective: Air-spaced 2-element ED objective - FDC1 special glass
Coating: Full multicoating on each glass air surface
Transport length: approx. 460 mm
Focuser: Dual-speed 2.5" RAP focuser
Working distance: 120 mm from the 2" receptacle
Eyepiece side connections: 1.25", 2" and M63x1 female thread
Tube material: Aluminum
Diameter of tube: 102 mm
Diameter of dew shield: 122.4 mm
Tube weight: 3 kg
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