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TS-Optics 70mm f/6 ED APO - travel refractor for observation and photography

The powerful ED lens turns the compact refractor into a powerful telescope for astrophotography and observation.

♦ 70mm aperture / 420mm focal length / f/6 focal ratio

♦ 2 element ED lens with special glass from Ohara (Japan) as ED element

♦ Due to the retractable dew cap, the telescope is only about 30 centimeters long

♦ High quality 2" rack and pinion focuser with micro reduction for 2" and 1.25" accessories

♦ Internal thread M54x0.75 for screw adaptations available

♦ Refractor is suitable for 2" fixtures and 2" star diagonals

♦ Astrophotography and landscape photography are possible, suitable field correctors and 0.8x focal length reduction can be found in the recommended accessories

♦ Optical sights, mini guide sights or direction finders can be attached to the focuser, internal M4 threads are available

♦ The practical L-bracket with 360° rotation allows the correct selection of the image section

♦ 1/4" photo tripod thread on base; dovetail bars for mounts can be found in accessories section

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TS Optics 70mm f/6 Travel Apo with high quality ED lens

This ED refractor is an ideal telescope for travel and mobile use. The telescope weighs only around 2kg and, thanks to the retractable dew shield, is only 30cm long. No other telescope in this class offers this.

The high-quality 2-element lens produces sharp, high-contrast images and enables magnifications up to approximately 180x. With this you can already observe details on the planets. The newly developed 2" RAP (Rack and Pinion) rack and pinion focuser is superior to normal Crayford focusers and also holds heavy photographic accessories securely. The micro reduction is ideal for astrophotography and allows for precise focusing.

Observing with the TS 70mm f/6 ED:

The TS 70mm ED refractor is a great telescope for all areas of observing. Thanks to the stable 2" focuser, you can also use 2" accessories. The image is brighter and richer in contrast than with comparable ground-based telescopes. With the TSWA38 2" wide-angle eyepiece, you can achieve an extreme field of view of 6.3°. This allows for the best wide-field observations.

On the other hand, the well-corrected ED lens allows magnifications up to 180x without disturbing color errors. This allows you to see details on the moon, structures on planets, or separate distant double stars.

The TS 70mm f/6 ED refractor is well suited for astrophotography.

The precise focuser and high-speed optics make the 70mm ED a good telescope for astrophotography. Connect your reflex or astro camera to the telescope and start your astrophotography adventure. To correct the image field for photography of nebulae, star clusters and galaxies (deep sky photography), we recommend correctors, these are also linked in the accessories area.

TSFLAT72 - 1.0x Flattener

Focal length and aperture ratio remain unchanged. The corrector is ideal for DSLR cameras and also CCD cameras with larger sensors. The recommended working distance from the M48 thread is 55mm. The flattener screws directly onto the M54 connection thread of the focuser.

TSRED80 - Focal length reduction and field correction

This corrector is actually designed for the 80mm f/7 ED. But it also works well at the 70mm f/6. The focal length is shortened to 336mm and the speed is increased to f/4.8. We recommend a working distance of 63mm to improve the correction factor. Adapting a DSLR camera is easy, all you need is an 8mm T2 Extension Tube (TST2V8) and matching T2 Ring.

Viewfinder mount for TS 70mm ED refractor:

With a 2" diagonal star and long focal length eyepiece, the little ED becomes a super finderscope. However, the ED also offers the option of attaching a finderscope or small guide scope.

♦ TSSUBA TS (Flexible Base) Finder Shoe - This finder shoe fits directly onto the focuser. Here only one of the two M4 blind screws needs to be unscrewed. Then the finder's shoe is fixed with an M4 countersunk screw. This can be used to connect compact red dot finders (see figure #4 above).

Adaptation to tripods or photographic mounts

The flexible plate at the base facilitates placement. You can attach the refractor directly to photographic tripods such as a spotting scope or telephoto lens. With the correct dovetail bars, you can achieve stable attachment to azimuth and equatorial mounts.


Construction type: ED refractor
Aperture: 70 mm
Focal length: 420 mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Resolution: 1.65"
Limit value: 11.0 mag
Coating: Fully multi-coated
Objective: Air-spaced 2-element ED objective - adjustable
Weight: 2.2 kg
Transport length: 300 mm with dew cap inserted
Focuser: RAP rack and pinion focuser - ball bearing
Speed reduction: 1/10 speed reduction
Drawtube travel: 81 mm
Telescope back focus: 130 mm
Connection to mounts and photo tripods: flexible support plate with photo tripod connection
Tube diameter: 76 mm
Diameter dew shield: 88.5 mm
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