TS-Optics 60mm f/6 ED Refractor - Viewfinder and Guide Telescope - Expandable for Astrophotography

A versatile ED refractor telescope for observation and photography, which can be used as an APO Spotting Scope, Guide Scope, and Super Finder Scope.

♦ 60mm aperture / 360mm focal length / f/6 focal ratio

♦ 2 element APO lens with Nissan Super ED glass as APO element

♦ Can be used as an angle finder with an optional 1.25" diagonal star or Amici prisms with a 1.25" helical focuser (non-rotating)

♦ 360° rotation on eyepiece and camera side

♦ Can be used as a straight viewfinder with a 1.25” helical focuser: the extension is integrated and screwed into the tube

♦ 1.25" "non-rotating" helical focuser - screw-in - with set screw

♦ With the optional TSMPT60-Flat 1.0x corrector, the ED refractor becomes a full 360mm f/6 telephoto lens for lens focus photography and astrophotography

♦ Includes adjustable clamps and dovetail bar for viewfinder mount with 1/4" internal thread for photographic tripods

receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

TS 60mm f/6 MPT ED Refractor

This compact ED refractor is one of the most versatile telescopes we know of. The refractor offers versatile expansion options up to the compact telephoto APO with integrated 1.0x corrector. The basis is the 60mm ED lens with a focal length of 360mm. The multi-coated lens offers a sharp, high-contrast image. The color error is very well corrected by the ED element. The versatile use is due to the sophisticated mechanics.

The mechanics of the TSMPT60 allow versatile use

♦ Use as an angle finder with a 1.25" diagonal star or Amici prism:

The internal extension is screwed on. The 1.25" helical focuser is attached. Focusing with all commercially available 1.25" eyepieces in connection with a 1.25" diagonal prism or star is not a problem.

♦ Use as a straight scope or guide scope:

The internal extension extends. 1.25" helical focuser is attached. Autoguiding cameras can be connected via 1.25" adapter and eyepieces.

♦ Use as a 360mm f/6 APO telephoto lens for photography and astrophotography:

The internal extension extends. The 1.25" helical focuser is unscrewed. The optional 1.0x corrector is screwed on in its place. (See accessories section). The working distance from the corrector's M48 thread is 55mm. Focus is achieved by rotating the socket of the ED.This focus is extremely precise, the focus can be set within 0.005mm for perfect on-axis and field imaging.


Aperture: 60 mm
Focal length: 360 mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Objective: 2-element ED objective with Nissan Super ED glass as APO element
Working distances from 1.25" receptacle of the helical focuser: 72 mm and 30 mm (depending on the position of the extension)
Focuser: screw-on 1.25" non-rotating helical focuser
Tube rings: Adjustable tube rings
Dovetail bar: Fits in standard finder shoe - with photo tripod connection
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