TS-Optics RFT 152mm f/5.9 "Japan Lens" Large Field Refractor with 2.5" Rack and Pinion Focuser

The 6" TS Refractor is the ultimate refractor telescope for wide field observations and narrow band photography.

When observing nebulae and star clusters, the refractor offers contrast performance otherwise only known from APO refractors. In addition, the refractor is also a true comet telescope.

♦ High quality 152mm f/5.9 lens with enhanced chromatic aberration correction

♦ One of the best lenses with better color correction than a comparable achromat. In Japan, this refractor is even sold as Half-apo (Semi_Apo), under the name Nerius. The 2 element lens goggles are K9 and F4.

♦ Large 2.5" focuser with stable ball bearings and rack and pinion adjustment for heavy attachments

♦ Also suitable for lunar and planetary observations, we offer filters to reduce chromatic aberration

♦ The lens is fully adjustable and mounted on a temperature compensated mount. It is one of the best achromatic lenses we know of.

♦ Retractable spray cap and thus a transport length of only 805 mm

♦ CNC pipe clamps with practical carrying handle

♦ Also very suitable for astrophotography with narrow band nebula filters and of course the moon/planets.

♦ Includes seeker shoe on focuser

receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

The TS RFT-152mm f/5.9 Rich Field Refractor Telescope

This refractor is a great alternative to regular achromats. The refractor offers features that you would normally look for in vain in this class.

♦ One of the best lenses with better color correction than a comparable achromat. In Japan, this refractor is even sold as Half-apo (Semi_Apo), under the name Nerius. The 2 element lens goggles are K9 and F4.

♦ A 2.5" rack and pinion focuser with many auxiliary threads, even allowing the adaptation of TS full frame correctors.

♦ The refractor remains transportable. Due to the retractable dew cap, the telescope has a transport length of only 800mm and thus space in each rear seat.

The application areas of the TS 152mm refractor:

♦ Moon and planets... The image on the left was taken by Stefan Schimpf through the TS 152mm refractor. Click on the image for full resolution. With the right filters, you can further increase contrast and sharpness.

♦ Observing nebulae, star clusters and galaxies... The great strength of the refractor is the large field of view. Contrast and sharpness are comparable to an apos in this scope.

♦ Deep Sky Astrophotography... You can also do that with this refractor. We offer suitable field correctors. However, we recommend filters that reduce chromatic aberration, such as narrowband filters or H-alpha filters.

The TS Refractor 152mm f/5.9 lens

Many star lovers are surprised when they look through this refractor for the first time. Chromatic aberration, which appears as a blue fringe around bright stars or lunar craters, is barely visible.

K9 and F4 are used as glass material. The lens is very precisely manufactured so that even at high magnifications the image shows hardly any color errors.

Of course, both lenses have a broadband multi-coating on the surfaces. The lens is mounted in an adjustable, temperature compensated aluminum cell.

The 2.5" focuser A fast refractor is meaningless without a reasonably sized focuser. A 2" focuser would inevitably cause edge shadowing, as the relatively narrow focuser tube shadows the beam path.

The TS 6" refractor's rack and pinion focuser has a large free internal passage with a 100mm adjustment range. A 1:11 micro reduction is available for sensitive focusing.

You can also connect screw adapters for astrophotography via the internal M68 thread. Matching adapters can be found in the accessories section. The 2" accessories are held perfectly in the optical axis "almost as if they were screwed on" by an efficient ring clamp.


Telescope: Refractor
Aperture: 152mm - 6"
Focal length: 900mm
Focal ratio: f/5.9
Objective: 2-element objective
Glass material: K9 and F4 glass
Back focus: approx. 149 mm from the 2" receptacle and approx. 174 mm from the M68 thread
Tube diameter: 155 mm
Diameter dew cap: 186 mm
Tube dimension: length 805 mm - height 230 mm with handle
Tube weight: 8.5 kg
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