Telescopio Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain SC 125/1250 NexStar 5 SE GoTo

With the orange tube color of the new Celestron NexStar SE telescopes, Celestron returns to its roots, to the classic Celestron signal color of the 1970s. - but combined with the latest technology and coating technology, which amateur astronomers did not dare to think of in their wildest dreams at the time:

receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

XLT Coating: Thanks to this multilayer anti-reflective coating, Celestron SE optics have the highest proven light transmission, meaning up to 10% more light is delivered to the eyepiece in the particularly important wavelength range around 500nm .

Finally, "Travel Pro", Celestron's first variable fork mount, with integrated mount, can also be used without a tripod. The tube can be detached from the Celestron Travel Pro fork mount with a flick of the wrist. So you can take the lens with you on the plane as hand luggage and check the mount in a suitcase. Other telescopes can also be attached to the same fork mount for different tasks, for example a solar telescope or multiple cameras with different lenses, etc.

GOTO control with "SkyAlign". Aligning a telescope has never been easier: no optical leveling, no grading, no compass, no pole star needed (balcony observatory!). Simply enter the coordinates of the location and time, point to "any" of the three stars whose name you don't even need to know, and press "ENTER." The telescope already knows the sky above it and moves up to 40,000 programmed objects, as if guided by a magical hand.

Upgradable hand controllers - ready for the future! Thanks to Flash Eprom technology, the control software can be updated at any time via the Internet.

GPS module (optionally available): saves you having to enter the coordinates of the place and time. The GPS module receives this data directly from the GPS satellites and automatically reads it into the controller each time.

Direct control of digital SLR cameras via the supplied cable is possible with the NexStar SE 4 and SE5. This allows serial recordings, e.g. during a lunar eclipse - perform programming or surveillance tasks.

Remote control via PC. The supplied ''NexRemote'' program allows remote control of the telescope with any laptop / PC.


Sistema óptico

Tipo  Reflector
Apertura (mm)  125
Relación de apertura (f/)  10
Distancia focal (mm)  1250
Tipo de construcción  Schmidt-Cassegrain 
Material de tubo  Aluminio
Bonificación Starbright XLT 
Ampliación útil máxima  250
Capacidad colectora de luz  320
Longitud de tubo (mm)  330
Capacidad de resolución  0,92
valor límite (mag)  12,3
Construcción de tubo Tubo completo


Obstrucción de espejo secundario  34,4


Tipo de montura  altacimutal 


Idioma del sistema GoTo alemán, inglés, francés, español, italiano
Base de datos 38181
Velocidades de seguimiento sideral, solar y lunar
Modos de seguimiento altazimutal, paraláctico Norte-Sur
Proceso de alineación SkyAlign 
Mando de control NexStar
Interfaces Aux, RS232


Material Acero
Peso (kg) 4,5

Accesorios incluidos

Telescopio visor  Visor de punto luminoso 
Sistema óptico de desviación  Espejo zenitar, 1,25" - 90o
Oculares de 1,25"  25mm

En general

Peso total (kg) 12,5
Serie NexStar SE 

Recomendado para

Observatorios  no
Avanzados  no

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