Celestron N 130/650 NexStar 130 SLT GoTo Telescope

The NexStar SLT series with SkyAlign technology* offers computer-controlled GoTo telescopes with a huge database and excellent value for money.

Ready-to-use tripods and quick-release couplings for connecting to the fork mount and for the optical tube on the fork arm allow mounting in just a few minutes - without tools!

You have at your disposal a wide spectrum of observable celestial objects, and the computer independently selects for you what is best to observe month after month.

receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

Smart design

The precision servo motors and electronic position sensors can be operated with 8 mignon cells or with a 12 V/2 A power supply, with an energy reservoir or with a car battery cable (not included in the scope of supply). ). You can find the appropriate power supplies in "Recommended Accessories". The NexStar hand controller, which can be updated via the Internet, allows you to zoom in on up to 4,000 objects with the push of a button.

Celestron's revolutionary SkyAlign*

Thanks to "SkyAlign" you no longer need to know the position of a single star or the name of the star. Simply enter the date and time, select the nearest location from the list, drive to all three stars (sun, moon and planets are also possible) and confirm by pressing a button.

The processor calculates the position of all visible celestial objects in seconds! With the solar system alignment procedure, you simply choose the sun as your reference object (only with a safe solar filter in front of the telescope!) and then find bright stars and planets in the middle of the day - a great thing to work with kids .

Standard equipment and accessories include:

Computerized manual control with more than 4000 objects in the database. The desired menu language can be set when it is first turned on and can also be changed later.

Quick release single arm fork mount, quick mount tube and tool-less accessory tray

SkyAlign allows you to align to any three bright sky objects, making the northing process a breeze


Sistema óptico

Tipo  Reflector
Tipo de construcción  Newton 
Apertura (mm)  130
Distancia focal (mm)  650
Relación de apertura (f/)  5
Capacidad de resolución  0,88
valor límite (mag)  12,4
Capacidad colectora de luz  350
Ampliación útil máxima  260
Longitud de tubo (mm)  533
Bonificación Starbright XLT 
Construcción de tubo Tubo completo
Material de tubo  Aluminio


Obstrucción de espejo secundario  34
Diámetro de espejo secundario (mm) 43

Tubo telescópico del ocular

Tipo de construcción  Barra dentada
Conexión (lado de ocular)  2


Tipo de montura  altacimutal 
Tipo de construcción  un brazo 
Velocidad de seguimiento 4 - 2 - 1 - 0,5
Velocidad de seguimiento 32 - 16 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 1
Fuente de alimentación 12
Consumo de energía eléctrica (mA) 1200
Capacidad de carga (kg) 4
Caballete de montura Vixen-Style


Base de datos 4.000
Software NexStar
Proceso de alineación SkyAlign 
GPS  opcional
Modos de seguimiento paraláctico Norte-Sur
Velocidades de seguimiento sideral, solar y lunar
Precisión 8
Idioma del sistema GoTo alemán, inglés, francés, español, italiano


Tipo Trípode
Material Acero
nivel esférico

Accesorios incluidos

Oculares de 1,25"  25mm, 9mm
Software TheSkyLevel1, NexRemote
Telescopio visor  Visor de punto luminoso 
Adaptador de ocular 1,25" - 2"
Compartimento para las pilas

En general

Serie NexStar SLT 
Peso total (kg) 8,2


Luna y planetas
Nebulosas y galaxias
Observación de la naturaleza no recomendado
Astrofotografía no recomendado
Sol  no (solamente con filtro solar apropiado)

Recomendado para

Avanzados  no
Observatorios  no


Tipo de pila Mignon (AA, LR6)

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