Asterion Primary Mirror Fan for 6" Newtonian and Dobsonian Skywatchers

Asterion primary mirror fan for Skywatcher 150mm Newtonian and Dobsonian telescopes for faster cooling

♦ Suitable for all Sky-Watcher reflector telescopes with 150mm aperture and Newtonian optics, such as 6" Dobsonian, 6" f/5 Newtonian and similar

♦ Significantly speeds up the cooling process by actively transporting hot air

♦ Fan sucks hot air out of the tube, so less dust or moisture is allowed inside the telescope

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Asterion Primary Mirror Fan for Sky-Watcher Newtonian and Dobsonian Telescopes

When the ambient temperature drops, thermal effects occur in the telescope that significantly reduce image quality. This is particularly visible when the telescope is moved outside from a warmer environment (car or apartment). The star is not round, but distorted by the different temperatures of the air in the tube. In addition, the primary mirror also needs time to acquire its shape and obtain its optimum curve due to thermal expansion, and thus also to display the best possible image.

This effect can be visible for more than an hour, depending on the main mirror and the temperature difference. High-resolution observations or astrophotography are only possible to a limited extent or not possible during this time.

The solution is the Asterion primary mirror fan:

The cooler is connected to the primary mirror cell. The fan sucks in hot air from around the main mirror and blows it back. This solves several problems at once.

♦ The primary mirror is actively cooled, which significantly speeds up the cooling process.

♦ Hot air is prevented from rising, so the image is better even during the cooling process.

♦ Moist air near the ground is kept away from the primary mirror, thus preventing condensation on the primary mirror.

♦ The hot air inside the telescope is removed from the telescope, which also improves the image.


Suitable for:Skywatcher 150 mm reflector telescopes
Power supply:12 V 1 A (2.5x5.5 mm socket)
Weight:0.5 kg
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