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TS-Optics Dovetail Bar - Losmandy-Level, Flat Mount, Length 356mm

Versatile dovetail bar for attaching scopes to mounts with Losmandy-style quick-release couplings.

♦ Rail length: 356mm

♦ Weight only 850 grams due to profile construction, yet maximum stiffness

♦ Elongated holes, internal threads and countersunk screw holes allow flexible attachment of telescopes, telephoto lenses and spotting scopes

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TS Optics Losmandy Style Dovetail Rod - Long

This TS dovetail bar allows you to securely attach your telescope, spotting scope, etc. to mounts with Losmandy style quick couplers and Losmandy style dovetail clamps.

Features and benefits of the TSPS209 dovetail:

♦ Length 356 mm: the rail is especially suitable for longer telescopes.

♦ Weight only 850 grams due to profile construction, yet maximum stability and low vibration.

♦ Elongated and countersunk holes as well as internal threads allow for smooth adaptation of various accessories, such as ball joints, tubular rings for telescopes, or prism clamps to build a dual mount for astrophotography.


Length: 356 mm
Weight: 850 grams
Counter sunk holes for 1/4" and M6 screws: Distance 32 mm, 38 mm, 51 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 89 mm (to the long center axis)
Lotted holes for 1/4" and M6 screws: four with 38 mm length each
Thread bores: four female 1/4" threads and four female M10 threads lengthwise to the sentral axis

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