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TS-Optics Optics XL Premium clamp - adaptation for large telescopes and cameras

With the TS-Optics TSPKV dovetail clamp you can attach your telescope to mounts, especially suitable for heavy telescopes.

♦ Holds all GP grade rails securely and reliably

♦ Particularly high load capacity of up to approx. 20 kg

♦ Flat fixing with two fixing screws: protects the accessories and guarantees a very stable fixing

♦ All-aluminum dovetail clamp with solid, twist-free construction

♦ 7 round holes and two slotted holes for M6 and 1/4" allow fixing to almost any surface.

♦ Dimension: 87mm x 87mm - approx 118mm with screw

♦ Second picture with optional PS228V GP dovetail bar

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TS Optics Premium Dovetail Clamp for Heavy Telescopes

With the quick coupling from Teleskop-Service you can fix your telescope securely. This clamp is also ideal for building double fixtures where high load capacity is required. Flat clamping and two clamping screws achieve high clamping force and protect your accessories. There are no unsightly pressure points.

A secure and precise clamp for your telescope

Whether you want to attach a telescope from Vixen, Skywatcher, Orion, Teleskop Service... simply attach a GP rail to the telescope (see recommended accessories). This GP rail is even included with most spotting scopes. The rail is simply clamped and fixed with the set screws of the TS dovetail clamp. You can also move the telescope on the clamp for better balance.

The full length of the dovetail clamp also prevents vibration. The wall thickness of the dovetail clamp is designed for the highest loads. At the thinnest point the clamp is 18mm! thick.

You can adapt the dovetail clamp itself to a support, a counterweight bar or another dovetail bar and thus build a double support, for example.

Despite the tight clamping, unsightly nicks are avoided

Two generously sized surfaces press the dovetail bar towards the other end of the clamp. The pressure is not concentrated in one point, but in a larger area with a width of 62mm. This has a positive effect on the load capacity. In addition, unsightly pressure points are reliably avoided.

Extremely flexible thanks to 9 countersunk holes

There are 9 M6 and 1/4" screw holes available to fix the dovetail clamp: seven round holes and two elongated holes. The functions, especially the clamp, are fully preserved. The clamp screw can be operated without no problem.


Suitable for:GP level dovetail bars
Dimensions:87 mm x 87 mm (118 mm with screw), wall thickness 18 mm
Weight:450 g
Load capacity:approx. 20 kg
M6 Bores:two rows (distance approx. 38 mm) with three M6 bores each at 19 mm distance each and one M6 bore in the middle
Elongated bores for M6 and 1/4":2 bores minimum 33 mm - maximum 65 mm distance

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