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TS-Optics Premium Vixen-Level Dovetail Clamp with Slotted Holes

With the TS-Optics TSPKM dovetail clamp you can attach your telescope or camera to photographic mounts or tripods.

♦ Ideal for creating your own holding solutions for photography and astronomy

♦ Holds all GP grade rails securely and reliably

♦ High load capacity up to around 10 kg

♦ Flat clamp - protects accessories and ensures a very stable clamping

♦ All-aluminum dovetail clamp with solid, twist-free construction

♦ Two elongated holes for M6 and 1/4" Allen screws allow flexible adaptation

♦ 5 additional holes and a photo 1/4" center thread (internal thread) complete the long holes

♦ Dimension: 63mm x 100mm (with screw)

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TS-Optics Premium Dovetail Clamp for Telescopes and Cameras

With the quick coupling from Teleskop-Service you can safely connect your telescope or camera. The dovetail clamp can be screwed directly onto photographic tripods. This clamp is also ideal for building double fixtures where high load capacity is required. Thanks to the flat clamping, a high clamping force is achieved and your accessories are protected. There are no unsightly pressure points.

A secure and precise clamp for your telescope

Whether you want to mount a telescope from Vixen, Skywatcher, Orion, Teleskop-Service... simply attach a GP rail to the telescope (see recommended accessories). This GP rail is even included with most spotting scopes. The rail is simply clamped and fixed with the set screw of the TS dovetail clamp. You can also move the telescope on the clamp for better balance.

You can adapt the dovetail clamp itself to a bracket, counterweight bar, or another dovetail bar, building a double bracket, for example.

Despite the tight clamping, unsightly nicks are avoided

A generously sized surface with a width of 25mm presses the dovetail bar towards the other end of the clamp. The pressure is not concentrated at one point, but over a larger area, which has a positive effect on the load capacity. In addition, unsightly pressure points are reliably avoided.

GP connection for your photographic tripod

Simply screw the clamp onto your photo tripod or the ball or tilt head and you can mount your telescope on the photo tripod.

Extremely flexible thanks to two slotted holes and countersunk holes

There are 7 holes available to fix the dovetail clamp. Five holes for M6 and 1/4" screws and two slotted holes. Functions, especially clamping, are fully preserved. The clamping screw can be operated smoothly.


Suitable for: GP level dovetail bars
Dimensions: 63 mm x 63 mm (100 mm with screw)
Weight: 175 g
Load capacity: approx. 10 kg
Thread: 1/4" photo thread, female
M6 Bores: four M6 bores at 38 mm distance square, one M6 bore in the middle
2x M6 slotted holes: for mounting with 26 mm to 45 mm distance

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