Explore the iEXOS-100 PMC-8 Wi-Fi GoTo Scientific Mount

This equatorial mount has a built-in PMC-8 system, which is a particularly powerful computer control system that can be controlled via WiFi with any smartphone or tablet. That's why they use the excellent PMC electronics with a graphical user interface, the GPS and other options of your smartphone or tablet. These benefits also include that the required free ExploreStars app is automatically kept up to date. However, virtually any software that supports the ASCOM standard can also be used through the ASCOM interface.

An intuitive 2 or 3 star alignment is possible with the app to initialize the GoTo control; this is very easy for beginners and extremely fast for experienced observers.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The iEXOS-100 has more advantages:

Smooth running axle clamps for easy adjustment

Micro stepper motors and precise worm gears on both axes

Silent backlash-free toothed belt drive (gear set)

Mini-USB interface for PC connection with INDI/ASCOM cable

ST-4 compatible autoguider interface

This light mount offers a host of electronics and also has plenty of mechanics under the hood - ideal as a travel mount or for mobile astrophotography. It is particularly suitable for apos with an opening of 80 to 102 millimeters.

Explore Scientific GoTo PMC-8 Controller – The controller consists of a robust controller box that creates a WLAN and provides all necessary interfaces. The motors are connected directly to this unit via a cable and of course there is also an ST-4 compatible autoguider interface. The controller also supports micro-stepping to ensure precise tracking, after all, PMC stands for Precision Motion Controller.

A PC or tablet can be used via WLAN to operate the control (Win 8.1, Win 10, iOS, Android, mobile device with a screen size of at least 7.1". The ExploreStars app, which was specially developed for this purpose , offers a graphically very successful user interface the stars currently possible for control initialization and also all celestial objects in the database are displayed as a star map with additional text information All these objects can be viewed and selected easily.

The heart of the controller consists of a completely self-sufficient 2-channel multiprocessor with 8 CPUs and a Wifi Ethernet 10/100 adapter with IP function, which allows operation from anywhere via browser, ASCOM, APP or via serial connection. Open GoTo also promises the ability to write your own firmware and upload it to the controller. This means that individual settings to device functions and the creation of your own object lists etc. are possible.

Please note: Before you boot the system for the first time, you must install the ExploreStars app on your Windows device. Visit www.explorestars.com for more information.



Carga adicional máxima (kg)  7
Fuente de alimentación 12
Contrapeso(s)  2
Caballete de montura Vixen-Style
Tipo de motor Motores paso a paso
Peso de la montura (kg) 4


Dispositivo de control manual no
Puede controlarse vía PC 
Sistema GoTo 


Placa para accesorios
Funciona por motor
Pilas incluidas en el volumen de suministro no
Trípode Trípode
Compartimento para las pilas
Buscador de polo no


Material del trípode Acero
Peso de trípode (kg) 2,5

En general

Serie PMC-8
Peso total (kg) 8,5
Tipo Montura
Tipo de construcción ecuatorial


Proceso de alineación 2 estrellas
Software PMC-8
Idioma del sistema GoTo en varios idiomas


Tipo de pila Baby (C, LR14)

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