TeleVue Star Diagonal Everbrite SC 90° 2"

Everbrite Satin 2" star diagonal - 99% reflection for brilliant images

The 2" Everbrite diagonal mirror directs the light from a refractor or SC telescope 90° upwards. In addition to relaxed viewing, this mirror offers you particularly high image quality.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Expect particularly bright and neutral images. The mirror offers 99% reflectivity and is coated with numerous dielectric layers. The image quality of the telescope is preserved.

The case is stable and durable. Do you also use large and heavy eyepieces? Due to the high-quality workmanship, the diagonal star has a lot of weight. A spring ring clamp completely encloses the eyepieces and thus prevents damage.

At TeleVue, every Everbrite mirror undergoes extensive quality control before delivery. This is how the manufacturer guarantees the highest quality.

The advantages at a glance:

2" star diagonal

2" diameter socket on the side of the telescope

pyrex dielectric mirror 1/10 lambda with 99% reflection

stable metal housing

snap ring fastener



Postura de observación  90°
Conexión (lado de telescopio)  Rosca SC 
Conexión (lado de ocular) 2"
Precisión en superficies 1/10
Reflexión de superficie  99
Bonificación de los elementos ópticos  dieléctrico


Corrección de imagen reversa verticalmente 
Corrección de imagen reversa horizontalmente  no
Fijación anular 
Rosca para filtro 


Contenido adicional Adaptador a 1,25"

En general

Serie Everbrite 
Material Aluminio
Tipo Sistema óptico de desviación 
Tipo de construcción Espejo zenital

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