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TeleVue Nagler zoom eyepiece 3-6mm - 1.25"

Tele Vue Nagler zoom eyepiece

♦ Fixed focal length eyepiece quality zoom eyepiece

♦ Constant field of view throughout the zoom range

♦ Suitable for binocular use thanks to retainers

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Tele Vue Zoom Nailer 3-6 mm - 1.25"

Short focal length zoom eyepiece with the quality of a very good fixed focal length eyepiece

The Nagler Zoom Advantage: The zoom replaces 2-3 good fixed focal length eyepieces with the same quality. With the high-magnification zoom, you can get optimally close to the limit of vision. This means that the optimal resolution is available each night, provided by the telescope and the air.

How Nagler Zoom works: Unlike normal zoom eyepieces, in which the lenses and apertures shift internally, with the five-lens Nagler Zoom, one group of lenses shifts into the other. The field of view and perception remain the same, no matter what focal length step is selected.



Distancia focal (mm)  3
Conexión (lado de telescopio)  1,25" 
Campo visual aparente (°)  50
Distancia interocular (mm)  10
Número de lentes 5
Número de grupos 3
Bonificación de los elementos ópticos  múltiple


Anteojeras ajustables  - (plegable)
Rosca para filtro 

En general

Serie Nagler
Peso (g) 150
Tipo Ocular 
Tipo de construcción Ocular zoom

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