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TeleVue 5mm Type 6 Nagler Eyepiece - 1.25" Barrel - 82° Field of View

Tele Vue Nagler eyepieces are optimized for deep sky viewing with all telescopes.

♦ Focal length 5mm

♦ Apparent field of view 82°

♦ Great eye relief and comfortable sight, also suitable for people who wear glasses

♦ Full field of view is easy to inspect

♦ Good edge sharpness even with fast telescopes

♦ reversible rubber eyepiece

♦ 1.25" barrel with filter thread

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TeleVue Optics Nagler Eyepieces

Nagler eyepieces were the first ultra wide angle eyepieces on the market. TeleVue has continually developed and improved these eyepieces. Therefore, Nagler eyepieces have a decades-long tradition and remain state-of-the-art.

The 82° field of view already offers the "spacewalk effect". You no longer see the object through a limited field. The sensation of floating in front of the object in space arises.

Nagler eyepieces are well suited for fast telescopes such as Newtonian or rich field refractors. Despite the large field of view, the image is sharp and rich in contrast. This also makes eyepieces interesting for planetary observers. We are also happy to recommend Nagler eyepieces to owners of Dobsonian and other non-tracking telescopes. The large field of view allows for longer observation times as the object moves through the field of view.

The quality of Nagler eyepieces comes into play especially at the limit range, when it comes to ultimate resolution or detection of very faint objects. At telescope gatherings we have often seen the difference in direct comparison to simpler eyepieces. Nagler eyepieces show details where others only have a smooth surface.

The different series of Nagler eyepieces:

♦ Type 6: Compared to the original design, the newer series works with one less lens, with the same level of sharpness. The eyepieces are lighter and narrower, which also makes them interesting for binocular observation. Type 6 represents good introspection behavior. The view is very calm and relaxed, the eye relief at 12mm is slightly higher than you would expect with a Type 5 construction of the same focal length.

♦ Type 5: This series only needs 6 lenses and is lighter overall. It is not suitable for daytime observations and with small focal lengths the eye relief would be too small, so they are not offered.

♦ Type 4: The classic eyepiece series is suitable for telescopes starting at f/5 and offers a longer eye relief. With faster telescopes the quality will fall a bit on the edge. The weight of these eyepieces is slightly higher.



Distancia focal (mm)  5
Campo visual aparente (°)  82
Distancia interocular (mm)  12
Número de lentes 7
Conexión (lado de telescopio)  1,25" 
Bonificación de los elementos ópticos  múltiple


Anteojeras ajustables  - (plegable)
Rosca para filtro 
Relleno de gas protector no

En general

Serie Nagler Type 6
Peso (g) 224
Longitud (mm) 84
Tipo Ocular 
Tipo de construcción UWA

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