Starlight Instruments adapter for RC telescopes FTF1515 to M90x1 - 6" and 8"

The adapter allows the FTF1515 to be connected to the M90x1 thread of the GSO, TS-Optics and AstroTec 6" and 8" RC telescopes.

♦ Telescope side connection: Internal thread M90x1

♦ Eyepiece side connection: mount for dovetail D=52 mm (female)

♦ Total length: 28.3 mm (without external thread)

♦ Suitable for the FTF1515 Feather Touch Focuser (see image on the left)

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Starlight Instruments connection adapter for the M90 connection of Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes with 6" and 8" aperture and Feather Touch 1515 Crayford focuser

Equip high-quality RC telescopes with a professional focuser and get more out of your telescope.

The conversion is easy. Unscrew the original focuser from the RC and replace it with this adapter. Then connect the FTF1515 to the adapter.

RC telescopes offer a flat, well-corrected field of view. Especially CCD cameras with smaller sensors can do without a corrector. You can connect cameras directly to the focuser via the T2 thread and with the optional M90 extension adapter you can position the focuser at exactly the right distance from the telescope.


Connection at telescope side: M90x1 thread (female)
Connection at eyepiece side: receptacle for dovetail ring D=52 mm (female)
Length: 28.3 mm (without male thread)

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