USB_Focus Adapter Kit for TS / GSO 2" Crayford - Monorail Focusers

High quality adapter kit for USB_Focus motor set on TS Optics and GSO 2" focusers.

♦ Stable metal housing with precise adaptation to the focuser

♦ Easy installation and optimal protection for the USB_Focus engine

♦ Suitable for both types of USB_Focus stepper motors

♦ Suitable for GSO / TS 2" Crayford and Monorail focusers

♦ Focuser, focus motor and driver are not included in the scope of supply

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

USB_Focus Adapter Set for Crayford 2" TS/GSO Focus System and Monorail

The adapter set includes the motor mount and housing, as well as all the necessary mounting bolts. The scope of delivery also includes the coupling of the stepper motor to the focuser axis. The adapter accepts both versions of the USB_Focus stepper motor.

With the adapter kit BR-GSO2Z you can connect the USB_Focus Set to the following extensions, among others:

♦ The corresponding extensions are linked in the accessories area.

♦ TS 2" Crayford Focusers

♦ 2" TS monorail slides

♦ GSO Newtonian and Dobsonian telescopes

♦ TS/GSO/AstroTec 6" and 8" RC Telescopes

Attention: With the refractor versions of the Crayford and Monorail focusers, fixation is only possible with a loss of the ability to rotate, since the headless screws in the dovetail ring of the focuser can no longer be tightened after the adapter has been attached and therefore must be tightened beforehand. The MonorailR96, MonorailR86 and TSFOCR2M extensions are affected.

Assembly instructions:

♦ Remove the focus knob, which is opposite the 1:10 translation (loosen the grub screw)

♦ Slide the milled aluminum ring over the focuser housing from the side of the telescope so that the countersunk side of the hole points in the direction of the telescope

♦ It may be necessary to rotate the bracket on the motor housing 180° so that it points in the direction of the telescope with the bracket as shown in the illustration.

♦ Attach the mounting bracket to the aluminum ring with the attached Allen screw

♦ Attach the flexible shaft coupling to the focus shaft through the motor housing, aligning the aluminum ring so that it is centered in the housing opening.

♦ Fix the motor on the housing and on the coupling, pass the cable through the cutout

♦ Attach the cover to the casing

♦ If necessary, fine tune the aluminum ring and mounting bracket so that the focus and motor axis are aligned.


Material: all metal CNC machined adaptation

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