USB_Focus adapter kit for 2.5" Photoline focusers

High quality adapter kit for USB_Focus motor on TS Optics RPA25 and TSFOCR25 2.5" focusers and on many PhotoLine apos with this 2.5" focuser

♦ Stable metal housing with precise adaptation to the focuser

♦ Easy installation and optimal protection for the USB_Focus engine

♦ Suitable for both types of USB_Focus stepper motors

♦ Suitable for the RPA25 2.5" PhotoLine rack and pinion focuser and all apos PhotoLine with 2.5" focuser

♦ Suitable for TS Optics TSFORC25 focuser

♦ Focuser, focus motor and driver are not included in the scope of supply

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

USB_Focus adapter set for TS Optics PhotoLine 2.5" focusers

The adapter set includes the motor mount and housing, as well as all the necessary mounting bolts. The scope of delivery also includes the coupling of the stepper motor to the focuser axis. The adapter accepts both versions of the USB_Focus stepper motor.

With the adapter kit BR-RPA25 you can connect the USB_Focus Set to the following focusers and telescopes, among others:

♦ TS Optics RPA25 focuser

♦ TSAPO80F7 PhotoLine 80mm F/7 Apo

♦ APO102F7 Photoline 102mm F/7 Apo

♦ Apo115F7 Photoline 115mm F/7 Apo

♦ APO130f7-P Photoline 130mm F/7 Apo

♦ TSAPO81Q TS Imaging Star 89mm f/4.4 Apo

♦ TSAPO102Q TS Imaging Star 102mm f/5.1 Apo

♦ TSAPO130Q TS Imaging Star 130mm f/5 Apo

♦ TSFOCR25 and TSFOCR25S focusers

♦ and many other telescopes, we will be happy to advise you


Material: all metal CNC machined adaptation

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