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TS-Optics 2" V-Power Crayford focuser for refractors, Cassegrains, RC...

Stable 2" V-Power focuser with 60mm height for astrophotography and observing - carries accessories up to 7kg

♦ Oversized ball bearings (adjustable) for maximum rigidity

♦ V2A stainless steel running surface for a sensitive fit even under maximum load

♦ 2" and 1.25" accessory clamp with brass clamp ring

♦ Connection thread M65x1 on the extension tube for screw adaptations

♦ Micro reduction for sensitive manual focus

♦ Wide adjustment range of 73 mm with full stability

♦ Prepared for motorized focus systems: power transmission via toothed wheel and toothed belt

♦ Adapter available for many telescopes - individual adaptation possible

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Crayford 2" TS-Optics V-Power Focuser

The focuser is designed for refractor telescopes, Cassegrains, Ritchey-Chrétien (RC) telescopes. The short overall height of just 60mm with the extension tube retracted also makes the extension attractive for telescopes with a narrow focus position. The focuser offers a generous 73mm adjustment range, so different accessories can be focused.

Adapting the UNCR2V V-Power to your telescope:

The focuser has the appropriate connection for a dovetail ring with an outer diameter of 72mm on the telescope side. We offer ready-to-use adapters for Skywatcher refractor telescopes and for the important connection thread M90x1. You can buy an individual adaptation for your telescope from us with the article Sonder105.

Special stability through professional materials:

This divider no longer has the weaknesses that many simpler Crayford dividers suffer from. This is achieved through special materials and high-precision production, such as:

♦ Ball bearings are oversized and housed in their own housing in the focuser.

♦ The tread is made of V2A stainless steel.

♦ Ball bearings do not work with aluminum, but also with V2A stainless steel. There are no more clues, even after many years.

♦ The reduction is also made of V2A steel.

♦ A friction screw (hexagon socket screw) adjusts the resistance to movement. Even heavy accessories are attached without additional clamping, which is important for remote operation.

♦ A clamping screw (knurled screw) is still available for clamping.

♦ The air chamber is equipped with anti-reflective ribs.

♦ A toothed wheel on the micro reduction picks up the motion of the optional motorized focus and thus allows ultra-fine motorized adjustment


Type: V-Power improved Crayford focuser
Overall height: 60 mm with drawtube retracted
Drawtube travel: 73 mm
Bearing: Four solid ball bearings in own housing - adjustable
Telescope connection: Receptacle with 73.3 mm inner diameter and 9 mm depth
Diameter of the extension tube: 63.5 mm outer diameter
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