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TS-Optics 1.25" Metal Crayford Newtonian Focuser with T2 Connection

Solid focuser for Newtonian telescopes for observation and photography, ideal for self-construction.

♦ Crayford ball bearing focuser

♦ All metal - no plastic

♦ Fixing screw to fix the focus position for photography

♦ Thumb screw to adjust resistance to movement; even heavy eyepieces or cameras do not sink

♦ 1.25" connection with compression ring

♦ Photo connection T2 (M42x0.75) (internal thread)

♦ Large extension tube for better lighting

♦ Includes base for Newton's tube

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A solid 1.25" Crayford focuser for DIY Newtonian telescopes

This focuser is a good solution for astronomy enthusiasts who want to build their own Newtonian telescope or upgrade an existing telescope. The extension is flexible and can be used for observation and astrophotography.

The most important properties and characteristics of the product:

♦ Suitable for tubes from 178 mm in diameter - the base is curved. Smaller tubes need a spacer, eg washers.

♦ The pull-out can also be used for larger tubes, then rests comfortably on the outer edges.

♦ The focuser has ball bearings, which ensures a good fit even with heavy accessories.

♦ The position of the extension tube can be fixed with a knurled screw.

♦ A second thumb screw sets the resistance to movement (friction). Even heavy accessories can no longer give way.

♦ If you unscrew the 1.25" receptacle, the internal T2 thread (M42x0.75) becomes visible. You can then screw in a camera using our T2a-T2a adapter and matching T2 ring.


Type: Newtonian focuser with ball bearing
Overall height for tube with nominal diameter: 56 mm for T2, 78 mm for 1.25" (all dimensions approx.)
Overall height above the lateral edges: 63 mm for T2, 85 mm for 1.25" (all dimensions approx.)
Height without base plate: 50 mm for T2, 71 mm for 1.25" (all dimensions approx.)
Adjustment range: 48 mm
Free aperture: 41 mm (w/o 1.25" adapter)
Adapter plate to the telescope: Curved adapter plate, suitable for tubes from 178 mm diameter.
Connection dimensions: Screw spacing lengthwise approx. 57.5 mm, crosswise approx. 55 mm
Telescope side ring dovetail: ⌀ 61 mm
External dimensions base plate: 71 mm x 71 mm
Baseplate mounting to tube: M5 cyl head screws (not supplied)
Eyepiece-side connection: T2 female thread (M42x0.75) and 1.25" (31.7 mm) receptacle
Weight: 0.385 kg
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