TS-Optics 2.5" rack and pinion focuser with M82x1 telescopic connection

Ball bearing focuser with rack and pinion adjustment for telescope build-up and for retrofitting Apo and Cassegrain telescopes.

♦ Load capacity up to 4 kg

♦ Ideal for astrophotography

♦ Connection thread on the telescope side: Internal thread M82x1

♦ Eyepiece side connection: 2", 1.25" and internal thread M63x1

♦ Shortest overall height from M82 threaded connection to 2": 131 mm

♦ Adjustment range: 80mm

♦ Bearing: ball bearing

♦ Zipper adjustment

♦ Reduction: 1/10 micro reduction

♦ Two internal M4 threads to hold the finder's shoes

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

2.5" TS-Optics deluxe rack and pinion focuser

The focuser is superior to conventional Crayford focusers. The extension tube bearing and adjustment are decoupled from each other. This allows for a stiffer bearing and still a very responsive fit even at maximum payload.

The rack and pinion - rack and pinion adjustment:

A conventional Crayford focuser works with contact pressure. The weaker the pressure, the softer the extension, although there is always a risk of slipping because adjustment and storage are combined. This excerpt is completely different:

The extension tube is fixed with ball bearings. The bearing is optimized in such a way that maximum rigidity is achieved. Extension tube adjustment is achieved through a helical toothed rack. The advantage is an absolutely jerk-free fit.

The support of the extension position is also optimized. No clamping screw simply presses on the extension tube, but the position of the adjustment is fixed. This keeps the focus position at 100%.

Individual adaptation to your telescope:

We will also be happy to make an individual telescope adaptation for you. When ordering, use our special adapter Sonder125 (see recommended accessories).


Type: Rack & pinion focuser
Payload: 4 kg
Connection thread at the telescope side: M82x1 (female)
Connection at the eyepiece side: 2", 1.25" and M63x1 thread (female)
Shortest height from the M82 thread to 2": 131 mm
Travel: 80 mm
Weight: 1195 g
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