TS-Optics PHOTOLINE 2.5-inch rack and pinion focuser for the highest payloads

Rack and pinion focuser to accommodate APO and Cassegrain telescopes, ideal for astrophotography.

The R&P TS Photoline 2.5" focuser accepts accessories up to 5 kg and allows sensitive adjustment even at maximum loads.

♦ Rack and pinion adjustment: no friction and no sag like a Crayford focuser

♦ M68 threaded connection on the camera side for problem-free individual adaptations

♦ 2" and 1.25" self-centering toothed attachment

♦ 92mm focus travel - 360° rotation

♦ Telescope side connection: External thread M90x1

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Teleskop Service has been supplying telescopes to amateur astronomers and astrophotographers for years. Our goal is to provide these telescopes with first class focusers at a reasonable price. Our new 2.5" RPA focuser is an alternative with a quality that can be found in the high end. In the future, our PHOTOLINE apo refractors will be equipped with this focuser.

The rack and pinion adjustment:

A Crayford focuser works with contact pressure. Shaft pressure loads the ball bearings and also reduces adjustment sensitivity. The RPA focuser is mounted via plain bearings and adjusted via a toothed rack. The advantage is that the bearing can be optimized, resulting in maximum stiffness. Even at maximum load, the adjustment is very responsive and jerk-free.

The support of the extension position is also optimized. No clamping screw simply presses on the extension tube, but the position of the adjustment is fixed. This keeps the focus position at 100%.

2" and 1.25" self-centering adapters

A clean friction fit is also necessary when attaching 2" and 1.25" fittings. Simple clamping screws would cause tilting. The PHOTOLINE RPA Focuser mounts centrally, evenly encompassing the entire 1.25" or 2" receptacle.


Free aperture: 2.5"
Minimal length without 1.25" reducer: 94 mm
Travel: 92 mm
Outer diameter of the drawtube: 70 mm (internal diameter approx. 62 mm)
Telescope side connection: M90x1 male thread with 360° rotation
Length of the M90 thread: 4 mm
Dual-speed transmission: yes
Camera side connections: M68x1 female thread, 2" 1.25"
Maximum payload: approx. 5 kgs
Weight: 1.3 kgs
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