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Omegon 2'' extension tube, 35mm path length

With many telescopes, the focal plane is a bit farther away, so a photographic application is also possible. However, then the problem arises that certain eyepieces can no longer focus.

That's just one of the tasks solved by the 2" extension tube.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

High processing quality

2'' snap ring clamp

2'' filter thread

This sleeve bridges the optical path and thus allows the focuser to be in a relatively normal position. The extension sleeve has a very high quality of workmanship. The case is black anodized on the outside and has additional ribbing on the inside to prevent reflections. The extension sleeve has a screw thread for 2" filters at the bottom end. In addition, each extension has a security slot that prevents it from accidentally falling out if the clamping screw is slightly loose. The 2" extension sleeve it is attached using a clamping ring. Even heavy accessories cannot tip over. The "optical path" does not include the length of the 2" sleeve, as it disappears at the 2" focuser, for example.



Conexión (lado de telescopio)  2" 
Longitud óptica (mm)  35
Fijación anular 

En general

Color negro
Material Aluminio
Peso (g) 100
Diámetro (mm) 60
Longitud (mm) 70
Tipo Adaptadores 
Tipo de construcción Manguito de extensión

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