Cover, Sunshield, 4" (115-135mm External diameter Omegon of Tube) Flexible Spray Shield

Omegon Dew Cap - Against fogging for a clear look

Jupiter looks amazing. But what is that? Suddenly he becomes blurry, he looks fuzzy. Your optics are fogged up. That doesn't have to be the case – with the Omegon Dew Shield, you can take the dew out of the spot and watch all night with clear optics.

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The advantages at a glance:

Narrow and space-saving: flexible plastic dew cap

Optics do not fog up and offer clear vision

Velvet finish: black textile coating to prevent dew and reflections

Velcro for a stable fit

suitable for different diameters

It occurs in almost all seasons: the dew. Especially when it's a bit cooler, small droplets of water vapor form, which tend to fog up your telescope's optics. The result: you no longer see any stars, because tonight the observation is almost over.

Put the dew cap around the telescope and you're good to go.

But that doesn't have to be. A dew shield prevents your telescope's optics from fogging up. It keeps your optics completely free and you can observe for hours with the best view. What you have to do? Simply place this flexible dew cap around your telescope tube and dew won't stand a chance anymore.

Slim and packable anywhere

By the way: the flexible design is very practical, as you can simply store the hood behind a cabinet or next to the eyepiece case. That's called saving space!

Dew stop: Textile velvet inside

The dew cap is lined on the inside with a black velvet-like fabric. This not only ensures fewer reflections, but also ensures that spray does not reach the telescope's optics.

For which telescopes is the dew cap suitable?

For all telescopes that have an optical surface on the front. This is the case, for example, with the Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov telescopes. On very humid nights, an extra dew cap can also come in handy for Newtonian telescopes. Quite a few observers have already experienced the secondary mirror being "flooded".

Your telescope and dew cap: A well-rehearsed anti-fog kit for an evening of celestial viewing.



Compatible con la óptica 4

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