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Omegon Steeltrail 2'' Newton Crayford, Dual Speed Focuser

Omegon 2" Steeltrail Focuser - High End Stainless Steel Focuser

Would you like to equip your telescope with a better focuser and always find the exact focus? Perfect your spotting scope with the new Omegon Steeltrail Crayford focusers and now you can rely on ultimate focusing accuracy. Extremely strong stainless steel ball bearings and stainless steel guides ensure durability and a long service life.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Exclusive 2" Crayford focuser with stainless steel ball bearings

Indestructible - Stainless steel barrel for durability.

Find focus precisely with 1:10 gear reduction

High load capacity for each accessory, even when the clamp is open

Simply connect to Skywatcher telescopes using an adapter

Anti-reflective slots - for good contrast

Perhaps you already own a telescope with a simple focuser? Notice how the individual focuser ball bearings dig into the soft aluminum of the inner tube and leave a groove. Such an extract should bring joy for many years? If you are one of those people who love accuracy and precision, these excerpts will not satisfy you. It's time for a tune up.

Steeltrail - stainless steel ball bearings

Omegon's Steeltrail focuser, on the other hand, is made of hard stainless steel in key areas. V2A ball bearings run along stainless steel strips, so the focuser achieves significantly improved accuracy. Even high loads over a long period of time are a trifle for the focuser. Due to the ball bearing, it does not tilt and guarantees consistent quality even after years.

1:10 reduction: exact focus of objects

At high magnifications or in astrophotography, it is difficult to get the exact point of sharpness. However, this is possible with a fine reduction of 1:10. As soon as you turn the non-slip stainless steel wheel, the 2" tube moves tenths of a millimeter. Half a turn of the focus wheel means a focus travel of around a millimeter.

High load capacity up to 5 kg

A particular advantage of the focuser is its high resilience, as it can even carry heavy cameras and eyepieces. The focuser can move freely without clamps, because thanks to the excellent workmanship, the 2" tube does not slip, but stays rock-solid in position.

Easy adaptation to an Omegon or Skywatcher Newtonian telescope

You can connect your focuser directly to an Omegon Advanced telescope without any modification. For this purpose, a 78mm ring dovetail is used, which can be attached to the existing adapter of the focuser.

However, many amateur astronomers own a Skywatcher telescope and want to upgrade it. is that possible? Until now they had a problem: there were no suitable adapters that matched the size of the Skywatcher hole. But with our optional Omegon adapter, you can get your extension ready for your Skywatcher telescope in just 3 minutes. The Steeltrail extension has an adapter ring on the connecting flange. This allows the focuser to be adapted to Omegon and Skywatcher telescopes.

Omegon Steeltrail Extracts

We offer Omegon Steeltrail focusers in three different versions:

Crayford for Newtonian telescopes

Crayford for SC telescopes and similar designs

Helical focuser for Newtonian telescopes

When are you going to upgrade your telescope to a professional quality focuser?



Idóneo para...  Telescopios Newton
Conexión 2"
Reducción 1:10


Funciona por motor -
Rotatorio -
Fijación anular

En general

Color negro
Tipo Tubo telescópico del ocular

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