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Omegon T2 Adapter for Canon EOS Lenses, T2 Camera Side, EOS Bayonet Lens Side (Telescope)

Omegon T2 to EOS lens adapter - your EOS lens on a CCD camera

Normally, it is photographed directly through a CCD telescope or planetary camera. Great photographs of planets and deep sky objects are now possible with this technology. But what about sky overviews or extended objects? Moments and objects that used to be captured through camera lenses with very short and medium focal lengths?

Now you can also use your CCD camera with regular Canon EOS lenses. The Omegon T2 to EOS Bayonet Adapter makes it possible.

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Plug in and shoot – with your Canon EOS lenses

Instead of your telescope, use one of your Canon EOS lenses as the front optic, like a small telescope with a short focal length so to speak. It doesn't matter if you're using a genuine Canon EF lens or a lens from another manufacturer. The main thing is that it has the Canon EOS bayonet.

T2 connection thread on the other side

Attach a CCD camera of your choice via the external T2 thread on the other side of the Omegon EOS adapter. T2 is the standard thread in astronomy, from which all accessories can be adapted. To maintain the exact distance of around 45mm between lens and chip, simply use the various T2 extension pods from the rest of Omegon's range.

Connection via a photo thread.

Simply use the Omegon T2 EOS adapter on a photo tripod or with your telescope's piggyback adapter.

The advantages at a glance:

Use Canon EOS lenses with Astro CCD cameras

stable anodized metal adapter for a long service life

T2 external thread: This allows it to fit any astro CCD camera



Conexión (lado de cámara)  T2
Conexión (extremo opuesto)  Bayoneta EOS

En general

Tipo Adaptadores 
Tipo de construcción Adaptador para cámaras

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