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Omegon T2 Camera Adapter Ring Compatible with Nikon

Omegon Ring T2, Nikon

T2 ring as connection element between reflex camera and camera adapter. Completely metal device. Suitable for Nikon D1, D40, D50, D70, D70S, D80, D200 resp. all with bayonet F.

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T2 adapters are required to connect an SLR or DSLR camera to various adapters, such as projection adapters, focal adapters, off-axis guides, etc. This T2 adapter is equipped with the single chamber bayonet and goes on to the universal M42x0.75 T2 connection thread.

If you have attached the T-2 ring to your camera, you will find an internal T-2 thread on the open connection side. Now you can choose the right adapter from our range and create the desired connection.

Our expert comment:

If the Omegon T2 Ring is not available, the Baader EOS T2 Ring is an alternative.



Conexión (lado de cámara)  Bayoneta de Nikon
Conexión (extremo opuesto)  T2
Longitud óptica (mm)  -

En general

Longitud (mm) -
Anchura (mm) -
Altura (mm) -
Color negro
Tipo Adaptadores 
Tipo de construcción Adaptador para cámaras

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