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Omegon Crayford 2'' focuser for Newtonian telescopes

Inexpensive 2" Crayford focuser, which is also adjustable

Everyone wants sharp images in the telescope – surely you do too. This works best with a Crayford focuser, because it works smoother and more precisely than a standard focuser. Especially good: this focuser is even adjustable. All this for a particularly low price. Equip your telescope now with sharper impressions of the sky.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

2" Ball Bearing Focuser: Optimize your telescope with a more precise focuser for observing and photography

Easy focus: so that in the future you hit the sharp point and do not go over the mark

Adjustable - line up exactly with your telescope so optical errors don't happen in the first place

2.5kg load capacity - even carries large eyepieces and heavy cameras

Focus on the spot even at higher magnification

For the camera and each eyepiece

Attach accessories up to 2.5 kg in weight. Even the heaviest eyepieces and many cameras are reliably transported. And you can also use the locking screw to fix the focus at any time if you don't want it to drift out of position.

The focuser is made entirely of metal.

78mm hole diameter connector

35mm focus travel

Height: 67mm to 2" adapter

Includes 2" to 1.25" adapter with filter thread

50.5mm free passage

weight 600g


This is rare for this price - the Crayford focuser has been improved by us and is now easily adjustable. This allows you to adjust the focuser more precisely to the telescope's optical axis and benefit from a better image. The friction can also be adjusted: this means that you can also attach heavy accessories. The handling remains just as comfortable.

2" or 1.25" accessories: Everything you need

The 2" Crayford focuser has a spring-loaded ring clamp, with which it attaches eyepieces and flat adapters. This ensures a firm hold and smooth handling of your accessories. A 2" to 1.25" reduction adapter accepts all the 1.25" eyepieces, you can also screw the 2" filters into the eyepieces.

This is how the exchange succeeds in your newtonian telescope

So that you too can fix your new focuser, you only need two additional adapters.

- Tube adapter item no. 33360, with 86 mm holes horizontally and 83 mm vertically

- Reduction adapter from 80 mm to 78 mm Art. No. 51120

Upgrade your telescope. With an Omegon Crayford focuser.



Recorrido del enfocador (mm) 35
Conexión (lado de ocular) 1,25" - 2"
Conexión (lado de telescopio)  78mm
Capacidad de carga (kg) 2,5
Abertura libre (mm) 50.5
Reducción keine
Idóneo para...  Telescopios Newton


Funciona por motor -
Rotatorio -
Fijación anular

En general

Peso (g) 575
Longitud (mm) 85
Tipo de construcción Crayford
Serie Advanced
Color negro
Tipo Tubo telescópico del ocular

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