Long Omegon Mounting Rail (Losmandy Style)

Omegon mounting rail for large telescopes

The 3" Losmandy-style mounting rail offers you the best hold for your telescope. With two elongated holes and an additional 37 holes, it can solve any adapter problem between the telescope and the mount.

Availability date: 2023-02-01

The advantages at a glance:

3" dovetail bar for mounts with Losmandy style coupling

Slotted holes and countless holes to connect accessories

CNC machined from aluminum and black anodized.

This fits all telescopes.

Drilling in the right place - not an easy task, because each observer needs it a little differently. This is why you will find many holes for countersunk screws. So decide if you want to mount tube rings for the telescope, a guide scope for guiding, a camera, or your spyglass. Find your combination: almost anything is possible with it.

The first three holes on each side are 15mm apart. The distance from the first to the third hole is 30 mm. All other holes are 20mm apart. So there is a distance of 55mm between the second and fifth holes.



Material Aluminio

En general

Color negro
Longitud (cm) 33
Peso (g) 900
Tipo de construcción Losmandy
Tipo Placa cola de milano

Product Details
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