Omegon Losmandy Style Universal Mounting Plate (Short)

Omegon Losmandy Style Plate - Easy Adaptation for 3" Mounts

Your mount has a 3" (Losmandy-style) connection and you want to connect your telescope tube or camera rig in a stylish and secure way. No tinkering or drilling? Then Omegon's Losmandy-style plates are exactly the right solution for you.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Assemble your telescope in minutes

The Omegon mounting plate takes care of all the tasks related to the connection between the mount and the instrument. Most of the time it will be a telescope tube, but you can mount just about anything imaginable. The board has a series of 6mm holes for this purpose. This makes connecting your devices a breeze, because you no longer have to do it yourself. Pre-drilled holes are usually thick enough.

All-aluminum plate: Made for heavy telescopic loads

The solid dovetail bar is made of solid aluminium, has a total thickness of 13mm and a width of 100mm. Do you have a slightly larger telescope or other fairly heavy equipment? Then you are absolutely right with this mounting plate. With many telescopes, a simple dovetail bar is a weak point. This plate, however, is a massive bridge that connects the two most important parts of a telescope.

The advantages at a glance:

3" dovetail bar with 200mm length

suitable for shorter telescope tubes or large camera rigs

19 6mm diameter holes for individual adjustments

125mm slot, e.g. for a separate photo tapping screw

any screw head up to 4mm high can be countersunk into the plate


En general

Color negro
Longitud (mm) 200
Tipo Placa cola de milano

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