Omegon 180mm dovetail bar with screw

Omegon Photo Rail - Put your camera and spotting scopes on a stand

With the Omegon Photo Rail, you can attach cameras, spotting scopes, small telescopes and other instruments to your mount. It's your solid connection, and all instruments that have a photo thread fit together easily.

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Prism rail with photo screw

With the 18 cm long dovetail bar, you can attach even heavy cameras to your mount or telescope. No additional accessories required: the included photo screw makes connection possible right out of the box.

With two long slots, you're not tied to a fixed fixture, but can decide for yourself which position is best for your camera. This will also give you a better focus for your optical instrument.

Fits all GP style mounts.

Simply snap the photo rail onto the GP profile of your mount and everything mounts quickly. The GP profile is a standard size for fixing telescopic tubes. Most mounts now have this profile, for example NEQ-3, NEQ-5, EQ-300, EQ-500, HEQ-5, EQ-6 and many others.

The advantages at a glance:

photo dovetail bar with photo screw

for cameras and spotting scopes with ¼" photographic thread

suitable for all mounts with GP mount



Material Aluminio

En general

Color negro
Tipo de construcción Vixen 
Tipo Placa cola de milano 
Longitud (mm) 180

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