Omegon Pro dovetail bar RC 6''

Prism rail especially for your RC tube

How do the optics and mount come together in a stable but effortless way? With the Omegon RC prism rail. Attaches your 6" optical RC tube to the mount. Two aluminum blocks with matching spokes hold your tube exactly. This creates a stable connection that astrophotographers need.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

4x M6x15 hex screw to connect your tube to the dovetail bar

2 OTA blocks with matching radius - the perfect hold for your tube

2 photo strings at each end of the rail

1 M6 thread and 2 M6 slots

2 x 104mm slots with hole for M6 or ¼" countersunk screws (25mm from edge)

Red Anodized Aluminum

Dimensions: 323x44x15mm

Suitable for all mounts with the common 44mm/GP mount used by most manufacturers

Simply place your tube on the already prepared aluminum blocks. These blocks are clearly superior to selective clamping. They offer flat support and a strong hold, which you need for successful observations. Also includes: Four screws that you just have to connect to the rail and your tube.



Material Aluminio

En general

Color rojo
Longitud (mm) 323
Tipo de construcción Vixen 
Tipo Placa cola de milano 
Anchura (mm) 44
Peso (g) 497
Altura (mm) 15

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