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Omegon Pro column for mounts and binoculars

portable column to go

A look at her astrophotography: and again you are not completely satisfied with her? It is often due to a tripod that is not stable enough. With the Omegon Pro Column, you can mount your telescope much more stable. A firm center column and wide column legs ensure the necessary firm grip on your gear. Yet it is ultra-portable and suitable for any observing site.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Load capacity up to 87 kg: stable CNC column mount, for vibration-free observations

Easy to disassemble - perfect for mobile astrophotographers

Made of premium quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel weighing just 9kg

Suitable for these mounts: NEQ-3, NEQ-5, HEQ-5, AZ/EQ5 PRO and similar

For fantastic astrophotos, because you don't care about wind or vibrations now

Mount adapter for many common mounts

EQ-3, EQ-5 or a completely different mount? The adapter with a hole for the mount pivot fits many models available on the market. You can screw your mount onto the pillar in seconds as you can attach the flange in no time with three anodized aluminum screws.

Does your mount fit the pillar? Find out with the exact measurements.

Inner hole diameter: 64.8mm

Depth: 19.9mm

Center hole for connection screw: 11 mm

AZ pin height: 25mm

Leveling screws for uneven surfaces

You already know: you will never find a perfectly straight surface in the field. What is easy with a tripod can become challenging with a mobile column. But with the Omegon Pro column, you set up the entire telescope precisely and straight. This is guaranteed by a leveling system for all the legs of the column: mobile plates and lockable and height-adjustable screws. Of course, all components are rust-free and defy every spray on the lawn.

A pillar for every place you want

Can a tripod be used flexibly, a heavy and durable column? That statement belongs to the past. You no longer have to use your telescope alone on a fixed pillar in the garden. Even if you live in a city apartment and don't have the benefit of a fixed telescope in the garden: now everyone can use a stable column. Simply drive your car to your viewing site. From now on, this easily collapsible column can always be carried along with your telescope.



Capacidad de carga (kg) 87
Diámetro de columna (mm) 100
Apto para montura EQ5, HEQ5 Pro, AZ/EQ5 Pro


Altura máxima de trípode (cm) 80
Soporte de columna
Peso de trípode (kg) 9

En general

Tipo Trípode
Tipo de construcción Columna

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