Omegon Twinmaster AZ Mount with Tripod

Omegon Twinmaster: an azimuth mount for two telescopes

Don't you have a telescope? Would you like to use your telescope and perhaps also large binoculars on your mount? Nothing easier than with the Omegon Twinmaster. This azimuth mount carries two optics at once.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Mount two telescopes at the same time with the GP telescope clamp

degree scale in azimuth

stable base: extendable stainless steel tripod

adjustable friction

even at the highest magnifications: very smooth operation

Two telescopes with one objective

Why use just one telescope when you can enjoy observing with two telescopes? For example, put a refractor on the right side and a reflecting telescope on the left. Compare objects in your telescopes or observe with your friends or family at the same time. It often happens that you cannot take your eyes off the eyepiece.

Flexible and transportable

The AZ-Deluxe stand is extremely flexible because it can be disassembled into two parts. The stand itself has a height of less than 23 cm. Your car can't be so small that this bracket doesn't have space somewhere.

Slight movement in all directions.

Perfect handling is absolutely necessary under the starry sky. Loosen the axes and track your objects with easy tracking right on your telescope. Omegon's AZ mount obeys your wishes thanks to precision-manufactured plain bearings. Even at the highest magnifications, it keeps an object exactly in the field of view.

GP mount: the standard for all telescopes

This mount has a GP mount so you can freely choose between your current and future telescopes. Many telescopes are now made with matching GP dovetail bars. This allows you to fit an optic of your choice in a matter of seconds.

adjustable friction

By tightening the clamps you choose how easy or hard the telescope can be moved. In this way, you can configure the functionality according to your personal needs.

Aluminum screws: careful with your telescope

The aluminum clamping and friction screws have a non-slip profile. Therefore, it is even easy to operate the mount with gloves.

The fastening screws are provided with plastic fronts for protection. As a result, the dovetail bars are no longer damaged by frequent mounting with countless notches, but remain intact.

degree scale in azimuth

Nature watchers also benefit from a degree scale on the horizontal setting.

stainless steel tripod

A stainless steel tripod with three 45mm tripod legs gives you a solid base. Even with telescopic loads of up to 10 kg, the entire mount works without vibration. The integrated metal plate achieves even better stabilization. Very practical: the plate also serves as a shelf for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.



Denominación AZ-Deluxe
Carga adicional máxima (kg)  10
Peso (g) 3400 (Montura)


Ajuste preciso -
Soporte para accesorios 
Conexión para barra prismática 


Escala panorámica
Trípode Trípode


Altura máxima de trípode (cm) 118
Altura mínima de trípode (cm) 86
Material del trípode Acero noble

En general

Color negro / plateado
Serie Advanced
Tipo Montura
Tipo de construcción altacimutal

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