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Omegon Push+ holder Mount

Your smartphone and your telescope will now become best friends...

Finding items just got easier! Gone are the days when you had to spend years searching for an object in a dark region of the sky. Because the new Push+ mount now connects the telescope and the smartphone. Attach your telescope with a diameter of up to 8 inches on the existing GP rail and use the smartphone app to navigate to almost any celestial object.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Push+ represents the so-called "tilt box" for Dobsonian telescopes. Dobsonian telescopes are considered an ingenious invention due to their simple and solid construction. Push+ now brings this system into the modern age of smartphones. Decide for yourself when the item finder can help you. You are still a "Dobsonaut", but with modern technology!

The advantages at a glance:

Search redefined: find any object in the sky with the Push+ object finder and your smartphone

Built-in digital encoder - your telescope knows where it is now. With the software you follow each step and find objects in no time.

Bluetooth 2.0 creates a wireless connection with your smartphone - range of 10 meters

Software: Use the SkySafari® 4 Plus (and newer) app for Android to control your telescope

GP Mount - Mount any telescope with a GP rail

Digital encoders: the navigation system for your telescope

Know where you are: Digital encoders on the azimuth and elevation axes tell you where you are in the sky at all times. The technology used by the great equatorial mounts can now also be found in this Dobsonian telescope. But all this would be nothing without a good controller - and now you have it...

Smartphone: your way to the stars

With your Android smartphone, you have all the strings in your own hands. Because with the Sky Safari® 4 Plus (and newer) astronomy app for Android, your phone becomes the telescope's control center. You can see the current starry sky on its color screen, select your objects and move the telescope to its destination in no time. As you push the telescope in the right direction, you will see the crosshairs move across the star chart.

It's easy with the right app

SkySafari® Plus is available on the Google Playstore for a fee. Push+ does not work for Apple iPhones or iPads (iOS operating system).

Is there a way without a smartphone? Yes there are! Stellarium® or Cartes du Ciel® software. Just install one of these free programs on your laptop and wirelessly go out to the stars. Regardless of whether you use a smartphone or a PC: You can communicate with the telescope via a Bluetooth 2.0 connection.

GP Recording

The rocker box has a mount for Vixen-style GP rails. That means you can attach most scopes with a rail to the rocker box and benefit from the Push+ system.

Explore the starry sky with Push+. So you always have a lucky hand by finding the objects in the sky.

Note: smartphone and app are not included in the scope of delivery.



Denominación Push+
Carga adicional máxima (kg)  12
Precisión de posición 1800
Soporte de ejes Teflon
Interfaces  -
Temperatura de operación  -30 - +40
Fuente de alimentación 9-12
Consumo de energía con sistema abierto (mA) 150


Conexión para barra prismática 
Corrección PEC  -
Seguimiento manual
Soporte para accesorios  -
Montura de viaje -
Apto para transportar en equipaje de mano -
Escala de altura de polo  -
Sistema GoTo  PushTo


Trípode sin trípode


Soporte de columna -
Peso de trípode (kg) 15
Material del trípode Holz

En general

Color blanco
Longitud (mm) 530
Anchura (mm) 530
Altura (mm) 640
Peso total (kg) 15
Serie Push+
Tipo Montura
Tipo de construcción altacimutal

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