Omegon Mini Dobson II Mount

Omegon Mini Dobsonian Mount II - How to turn a small tube into a Dobsonian telescope

With this mount, your small optical tube becomes a full-fledged mini telescope. Simply attach a small refractor or Maksutov optics to the mount. And you can follow stars and planets in the sky. For calm images with a base that you can move in all directions.

The Mini Dobsonian Mount II is now even better than its predecessor: rubber feet for a better grip on smooth surfaces and real Teflon pads for smoother movements. The pivot height on the height axis is 18 cm.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Mini rocker box (assembly) made of wood

Smooth operation in all directions with Teflon pads

Rubber feet: Anti-slip when observing

Tripod thread: Attach the mount to your tripod (with 1/4" or 3/8" thread)

Rocker box with a smooth movement

The rocker box is made of wood and, like the big ones, is mounted with Teflon pads. This means that when you observe, you simply follow the object. To do this, gently push your telescope in the proper direction.

With dovetail profile

Many telescopes now have a permanently attached rail. It is known as GP lane, Vixen, Skywatcher or Celestron. With this system, you can easily attach the optic to any mount.

This rocker box has a matching metal mount: the dovetail mount. With the large clamping screw you can fix your optics with the rocker box in seconds. Then your telescope is complete and ready to observe.

What telescopes fit?

Whether refractor, Maksutov or Newton: Many small telescope tubes fit. Here is a selection:

MightyMak by Omegon

Omega MC 90/1250

Refractor 80/400

Maksutov 90mm



Idóneo para...  Principantes
Idóneo para telesopios Maksutovs y refractores de pequeño tamaño


Trípode Trípode de mesa

En general

Material Madera
Diámetro (mm) 195
Altura (mm) 250
Peso (g) 1080
Serie Basic
Tipo Montura
Tipo de construcción altacimutal

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