TS-Optics RC 1.0x flattener for Ritchey Chretien full frame - M68 connection

The corrector levels the field of view of all f8 RC telescopes, eg from GSO, AstroTech, TS, Officina Stellare...

♦ Exceptional field flattening also for full format and large format sensors

♦ Focal length does not change

♦ Direct M48 connection for DSLR cameras with a distance of exactly 55 mm via the optional adapter M69A-M48a

♦ Long working distance of 89.5 mm for filter wheels or off-axis guides with individual adaptation from the inner thread M69x1 on the chamber side. A deviation of up to +/- 2 mm does not affect the image.

♦ Connection on the telescope side via external thread M68x1 Zeiss Level

♦ The corrector works with all f8 RC telescopes, eg Officina Stellare, CFF, GSO, TS or AstroTec

♦ Full frame sensors are fully illuminated and corrected

♦ We recommend the corrector for all RC telescopes with an aperture of 10" or more, since this aperture provides a sufficiently large field.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics full format corrector for Ritchey-Chrétien astrographs

The corrector was developed for all RC telescopes with f/8 that have an extension of 2.5" or greater. It corrects the field of view without changing the focal length. The large 60mm free aperture also allows full illumination of sensors full format with adaptation.


Adaptation to the focuser by thread M68x1:

The TSRCFLAT3 has an M68x1 male thread on the telescope side. We offer adaptations for all common focusers (see recommended accessories). The adaptation to the internal thread M69x1 of the MONORAIL focuser of the TS-Optics, AstroTec, GSO... RC telescopes is especially important. To adapt the TSRCFLAT3 to the drawer you will need:


♦ M69a-M68a ... adapter to male thread M68x1

♦ M68i-M68i ... M68x1 male to female thread reversing adapter


Camera connection via internal thread M69x1

The corrector offers a generous 89.5mm working distance from the internal M69x1 thread on the camera side. We offer all the necessary adapters to connect your camera at the optimal distance.


Connection of DSLR cameras - working distance 55 mm

We offer adapter # M69A-M48A to connect DSLR and astro cameras via the M48x0.75 thread. From the M48 thread you have exactly 55mm to the position of the sensor. That would be exactly a T-ring and a DSLR camera.


Zeiss level adapter system connection M68x1

Many astrophotographers like to work with this professional adapter system. For example, TS-Optics offers an off-axis guide with an M68 connection on both sides. Adapter # M69a-M68a equips the TSRCFLAT3 with the M68x1 connector. The working distance from the M68 thread to the sensor is 84.2 mm. So that you have enough space for your adaptation.


Adapter system connection M48x0.75

In addition to the T2, the M48 adapter system is very popular. Almost all off-axis guides and many filter wheels have the M48 connection on the telescope side or can at least be adapted to this thread. With adapter # M69-M48 you have a very short transition to M48 with a length of only 1mm.


Extension sleeves for internal thread M69x1

To maintain optimal lighting, you should adapt to smaller threads as late as possible. We also offer a 30mm and 10mm M69 extension for this purpose. This screws directly into the thread on the camera side and reduces the working distance accordingly.


Connection at the telescope side: M68x1 thread (male), length 5 mm
Connection at camera side: M69x1 thread (female)
Cell diameter: 74 mm
Weight: 300 grams
Length without adapter and connection thread: 42 mm
Recommended working distance from the female thread: 89.5 mm +/- 2 mm
Necessary focus distance from the female M68x1 thread of the telescope: Minimum 131.5 mm

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