TS-Optics REFRACTOR 0.8x corrector for ED and Apo with 70-72mm aperture

Field corrector and focal length reduction for 70mm and 72mm APO or ED compact refractors for astrophotography, e.g. for TS 70mm f/6 ED or TS SD-Apo 72mm f/6

♦ Calculated for TS SD-Apo 72mm and TS ED 70mm f/6 - can also be used for similar telescopes

♦ The focal length is reduced to 80% and the aperture ratio is improved: f/6 becomes f/4.8

♦ Telescope-side connection via thread M54x0.75 - tilting not possible - connection adapter to M63x1 is included in the scope of delivery

♦ There is a 2" filter thread on the side of the telescope for nebula filters

♦ Camera side connection via photo thread M48x0.75

♦ The working distance is 55 mm from the M48 thread. Suitable adapters for your camera are available.

♦ Field and illumination correction beyond APS-C format

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics 0.8x Field Reducer / Corrector for TS Refractors with 70-72mm Aperture

The corrector is calculated for the compact SD apos and ED 70mm f/6 and offers optimal results with these telescopes. Similar telescopes can also be combined with the corrector. Cameras with a sensor diagonal of up to approx. 33 mm can be used.


♦ The focal length is reduced to 80%. For example, a 360mm focal length converts to a 288mm focal length.


♦ The focal ratio is improved from f/6 to f/4.8. You save about 36% of exposure time.


♦ The corrector is optimized for small refracting telescopes, for the best possible results.


♦ M48x0.75 photo connector on camera side provides 15% more illumination than T2. The appropriate adapters for your camera are available.


♦ 55mm working distance from the M48 thread is standard and allows for easy and uncomplicated adaptation of your camera.


♦ The proofreader is fully multi-compensated. In addition, a matte black anti-reflective interior coating guarantees the absence of reflections. The result is high contrast images. The concealer also allows for use underground (landscape photography or bird photography).


♦ An internal 2" filter thread (M48x0.75) is available on the telescope side for nebula filters, IR blocking filters...


Telescope side connection:

The corrector has an external thread M54x0.75 on the telescope side. An extension adapter for M63x1 is included in the scope of supply. This means that the corrector fits on focusers with the corresponding internal thread. Adapters to other connections, such as M68x1 or rotation adapters, are optionally available.


Illuminated and corrected field: 33 mm
Change of focal length: 0.8x focal length reduction
System: Reducer / corrector for photography
Connection telescope side: M54x0.75 and M63x1 external threads
Camera side connection: M48x0.75 external thread, length 4.5 mm
Working distance: 55 mm from the M48 external thread
Length: 61 mm
Diameter: 58 mm
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