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copy of TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x Flattener Gen 2 for APO - large format - M92 connection

Corrector de formato completo TS 1.0x Photoline para telescopios refractores APO y ED de 80 mm a 155 mm de apertura y más grandes con ajuste fino integrado: ¡no más batallas de adaptadores!

♦ Iluminación y corrección hasta formato completo

♦ Conexión telescópica a través de rosca M63x1: hay disponibles adaptadores para otras conexiones, por ejemplo, M68x1

♦ Conexión de cámara mediante rosca M48x0,75 con conexión integrada para filtros de 2"

♦ La distancia de trabajo se puede ajustar al milímetro mediante un ajuste integrado: ya no es necesaria una complicada batalla con adaptadores

♦ El corrector se puede utilizar con todos los refractores a partir de 80 mm de apertura

♦ Diseño de 2 elementos con vidrio especial ED

♦ Sin reflejos gracias al revestimiento múltiple completo y al ennegrecimiento interior

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS PHOTOLINE 1.0x field corrector for APO and ED refractor telescopes

This corrector is suitable for refractors from 80mm aperture. Works great with PHOTOLINE apos and TS-Optics 80mm aperture ED refractors. The corrector offers very good illumination and correction up to 45mm diameter (image circle) and can therefore be used very well on cameras with full frame sensors.


Set the corrector individually for your camera and your refractor. No more adapter battles!

An essential part of the corrector is an integrated fine adjustment. By turning the knurled ring on the corrector, you can set the distance to the sensor in fractions of a millimeter. As soon as you have reached the desired distance, fix it with the clamping screw. With the camera attached, you can use test shots to determine the optimal distance without additional adapters or adjustment rings. The camera does not rotate during fine adjustment.


The following adjustments are recommended from the innermost position of the adjustment to the sensor:


♦ Aperture 80mm / focal ratio f/6 - 81.2mm

♦ 80mm aperture / f/7 - 80.2mm focal ratio

♦ 102mm aperture / f/7 - 75.3mm focal ratio

♦ Aperture 115mm / focal ratio f/7 - 73.0mm

♦ 130mm aperture / f/7 - 69.7mm focal ratio

♦ 140mm aperture / f/6.5 - 68.0mm focal ratio

♦ 155mm aperture / f/8 - 57.0mm focal ratio


Connection to the telescope:

This Photoline Reducer has an external thread M63x1 on the telescope side. Many focusers already have this thread as standard. Adapters for other threads, such as M68x1, are of course available.


Application example: how do I set the distance:

Setting the correct distance is very easy, as we show in the following example:


♦ Telescope: refractor with 130mm f/7 aperture, that is, 910mm focal length.

♦ Camera: Reflex camera with a distance of 55 mm from the M48 thread to the sensor.


According to the table, the working distance is 69.7 mm. Simply subtract the 55mm (distance from wire to sensor) from this measurement. 14.7mm left.


Simply turn the variable adjustment 14.7mm out, this can be easily adjusted using the distance mark. They are now at the optimal distance and can start taking pictures.


Model: TS PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener
Connection telescope side: M63x1 male thread
Connection camera side 1: M48x0.75 external thread
Camera adapter: Unscrewable - intermediate thread M73x0.75 with 2" filter thread
Usable field: up to full frame
Number of elements: 2 elements
Factor: 1.0 - no change of focal length and focal plane
Coating: Multicoating
Body diameter: 88 mm
Length: 61 mm to 89 mm without the external threads
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