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TS-Optics 1.0x corrector for refractors, up to full format - Generation II

TS Photoline 1.0x full-frame flattener corrects the image field of refracting telescopes and enables astrophotography with perfect edge sharpness

♦ Full illumination and image field correction up to 55mm sensor diameter

♦ Factor 1.0x, the focal length remains unchanged

♦ Suitable for all refractor telescopes with a focuser from 2.5"

♦ No reflections or ghosting thanks to high-quality coating and anti-reflective thread

♦ Connections on the telescope side Male thread M68x1 and Male thread M63x1 (reducing adapter)

♦ Camera side connections External thread M48x0.75 with adaptation for 2" filters

♦ Convenient 55mm working distance from the M48 thread (extendable to 88mm)

♦ Refractors require a working distance of at least 145mm from the M68 or M63 internal thread.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Photoline TS 2.5" corrector for astrophotography with refracting telescopes - GEN II

The 2.5" full-frame corrector from TS-Optics has been on the market for years and convinces with its excellent results. However, our products are constantly being improved. The convincing optics, which enable sharp astrophotography with refractors, with good lighting So sensors can be used up to full-frame, but we have improved the mechanics of the corrector.


Connection to focuser:

The TSFLAT25G2 is suitable for refractors with 2.5" or larger focusers. Of course, the corrector screws onto the focuser. An external thread M68x1 is available on the side of the telescope. An adapter from M68x1 to M63x1 is also included on the scope of supply, for all focusers with internal thread M63x1.


The required working distance is at least 145mm from the internal thread M68x1 or M63x1 of the focuser. This is not a problem with all 2" designed refractors.


Connecting the camera to the corrector:

This is where the most has happened with the new TSFLAT25G2. Camera connection has been significantly simplified. An internal thread M68x1 and an external thread M48x0.75 are available for connection. The camera adapter also offers a 2" filter thread on the inside.


-- 500-640mm focal length refractors: 65mm working distance from M48 thread

-- Refractors with a focal length of 650-790 mm: Working distance 60 mm from the M48 thread

-- Refractors from 800 mm focal length: 55 mm working distance from the M48 thread


You can also remove the M68x1 extension. This extends the working distance by 33mm and offers space for individual accessories such as an off-axis guide, quick couplings or 360° rotation systems.


The extensive scope of supply of the TSFLAT25G2:


♦ 2.5" corrector in a robust metal housing with M68x1 male thread connection on the telescope side and M68x1 female thread connection on the camera side

♦ Reduction adapter from M68x1 to M63x1 for refractors with internal thread M63x1 (length 8.5 mm)

♦ Extension M68x1 on the camera side (length 33 mm)

♦ Camera adapter with male thread M68x1 corrector side and male thread M48x0.75 camera side and 2" filter connection (length 5 mm)

♦ Metal dust caps for both sides


Design: Flattener and field corrector for refractors
Coating: Multi-coating on each glass-air surface
Number of elements: 3
Connection telescope side: M68x1 and M63x1 male thread
Connection camera side: M68x1 female thread and M48x0.75 male thread
Filter thread: 2" filter thread available on camera adapter
Working distance: 55 mm from the M48x0.75 thread
Length of the corrector: 47 mm without adapters - up to 100 mm with the adapters
Outer diameter of the body: 63.5 mm
Required backfocus on the refractor: from 145 mm from the threaded connection
Weight: 350 grams
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