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TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x flattener field corrector - 2" connection

The PHOTOLINE TSFLAT2 corrects the image field of refracting telescopes and enables astrophotography with perfect edge sharpness.

♦ Suitable for all 2" focusers, corrector is fully recessed into the focuser

♦ Very good results with all common and apos 70mm aperture refractors

♦ Wide working distance between 108 mm and 128 mm: enough space for accessories such as off-axis guides or filter wheels

♦ 2" filter thread for nebula filters on the side of the telescope

♦ No change in telescope focal length

♦ 45mm free passage without shading

♦ Camera side connection via M48x0.75 thread

♦ With the TSFLAT2A you get your individual adaptation to the camera from us

♦ The image on the left was taken with an APO 80mm f/6 refractor and shows very good field sharpness.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS PHOTOLINE 2" flattener and field corrector for refractors

With the TSFLAT2, the astrophotographer has professional field correction for normal apos, ED and Fraunhofer refractors. The corrector is suitable for refractors from f/4 to f/9. Compared to other 2" correctors, the TSFLAT2 offers a number of advantages:


♦ Better lighting, even full frame sensors can be used.

♦ Wide working distance between 108mm and 128mm, depending on the focal length of the telescope.

♦ M48x0.75 - 2" filter thread connection on the telescope side for filters and on the camera side for other adaptations.

♦ Depending on the type of eyepiece used, it can also be used visually, here too the sharpness of the field can often be improved.

♦ Easy adaptation via 2" plug: With the adapter package TSFLAT2A you get the complete adapter package from flattener to camera from Teleskop-Service.


The recommended distances from the M48x0.75 thread to the camera sensor

Basically, the shorter the focal length of the refractor, the greater the working distance to the sensor needs to be.


♦ Focal length < 450mm: 128mm

♦ Focal length 450-490mm: 123mm

♦ Focal length 500-550mm: 118mm

♦ Focal length 560-590mm: 116mm

♦ Focal length 600-690mm: 113mm

♦ Focal length 700-800mm: 111mm

♦ Focal length from 800mm: 108mm


Falling below or exceeding the distance by up to 5% has no visible effect on field sharpness for sensors up to APS-C format. For larger sensors, the tolerance is reduced to 1-2%.

he TSFLAT2 compared to an 80mm f/7 ED refractor


♦ Figure 1: No flattener - stars on edge

♦ Image 2: with manufacturer's corrector

♦ Figure 3: with the TSFLAT2 - the best edge star definition


Teleskop-Service has created with diagrams and tables. To get them, click onTSFLAT2 PDF Germany


Design: Flattener and corrector for refractors
Coating: Fully multi-coated
Internal blackening: Internal blackening and anti-reflection thread
Connection at telescope side: 2" barrel with M48x0.75 filter thread (female)
Connection at camera side: M48x0.75 thread (male)
Working distance: between 108 mm and 128 mm
Suitable for: All refractors (Apo, ED, Fraunhofer)
Magnification: Factor 1.0 - no change in focal length
Outer diameter: 2" (approx. 50.8 mm)
Length: 33.9 mm
Weight: 93 g

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