TS-Optics 1.0x Flattener for TSMPT60 and 60mm f6 2-element ED and apos Refractors

The 1.0x field corrector is calculated for refractor telescopes with 60mm aperture and 360mm focal length and levels the field of view for astrophotography.

♦ Calculated for the TSMPT60 60mm f/6 ED refractor for best results

♦ Usable on all 60mm f/6 refractors

♦ Telescopic side connection external thread M54x0.75

♦ Camera side connection external thread M48x0.75

♦ Working distance from camera thread to sensor is 55mm, ideal for DSLR systems and astro cameras

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS 1.0x Flattener and Corrector for 60mm f/6 APO and ED Refractors

The corrector levels the image field and thus allows you to photograph through bright compact telescopes with good sharpness over the entire field. The corrector can be used without restrictions up to APS-C format. Even full frame cameras can be used, a FLAT compensates for possible shadows at the edges.


Use in the TSMPT60 ED refractor

The corrector was developed for this multifunctional telescope. It works great with this 2 element lens and turns the telescope into a full telephoto APO with a 360mm focal length and f/6 aperture ratio. Connection is easy.


♦ The internal extension of the refractor is extended and screwed on.

♦ The 1.25" "non-rotating helical" is unscrewed.

♦ The TSMPT60-Flat corrector is screwed into the M54x0.75 thread.

♦ The working distance is now 55 mm from the M48 thread of the offset.

♦ Focusing is done by rotating the lens: the focus position is fixed with the lock ring.


Tipo de construcción: corrector 1.0x para fotografía Campo de imagen iluminado y corregido: 42 mm de diámetro Conexión lado telescópico: rosca exterior M54x0,75 Conexión lado cámara: rosca exterior M48x0,75 Distancia de trabajo: 55 mm desde la rosca exterior M48 Adecuado para: telescopios refractores de 2 elementos de 60 mm f/6

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