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TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x flattener for ED and APO with 60-65mm aperture

Aplanador y corrector de campo para refractores compactos APO de 60 mm para astrofotografía y fotografía de paisaje.

Field flattener and corrector for 60mm APO compact refractors for astrophotography and landscape photography.

♦ Calculated for PhotoLine APO refractor telescopes with 60mm aperture for optimal and sharp astronomical images.

♦ Telescope-side connection via M54x0.75 thread: Optimum precision via screw connection.

♦ 2" filter thread on the side of the telescope to use 2" nebula filters

♦ Includes 360° rotation system for optimal camera positioning - first component with M54 thread on both sides

♦ Camera side connection via photo thread M48x0.75

♦ Working distance from the 55mm M48 thread: With the right T-adapter and a DSLR camera, it automatically finds itself at the optimal distance.

♦ The distance can be extended up to 72.2 mm.

♦ Image field and lighting correction almost up to full format.

♦ The focal length of the telescope does not change.

♦ The telescope is not included.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics Image Field Flattener / Corrector for PhotoLine apo refractors with 60mm aperture

The corrector is specially calculated for the compact Teleskop-Service travel scopes and gives optimum results with these telescopes. Even cameras with full-frame sensors can be used to a limited extent. The corrector is especially indicated for:


♦ TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/5.5 Apo

♦ TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 Apo


Advantages and features:


♦ Connection on the telescope side via the external thread M54x0.75 of the rotation system. The corrector fits directly into the internal thread of these focusers. It does not stick and therefore does not tilt.


♦ Includes 360° rotation system with M54 connection on both sides (external thread and internal thread) for a perfect positioning of the camera to the object. The flattener can also be screwed directly to the focuser without a rotation system.


♦ The corrector is specially calculated for the compact and bright travel scopes with 60mm aperture and offers optimal results with these telescopes.


♦ M48x0.75 photo connection on camera side ensures 15% better illumination than T2 and also allows full frame sensors to be used to some extent.


♦ 55mm working distance from the M48 thread. With a suitable T-adapter, which is linked in the accessory area, you can automatically achieve the correct distance with a DSLR. Removing the middle ring increases the working distance to 72.2mm and can also accommodate any astronomical camera.


♦ The proofreader is fully multi-compensated. In addition, a matte black anti-reflective interior coating achieves an absolute absence of reflections. The image offers a very high contrast, which is also useful for daytime photography (landscape, birds...).


Illuminated and corrected image field: 42 mm
Focal length: no change of focal length
System: Flattener / corrector for astrophotography
Connection at telescope side: M54x0.75 thread (male)
Connection rotation system at camera side: M54x0.75 thread (female)
Connection at camera side: M48x0.75 thread (male) - length 4 mm
Working distance: 55 mm from the male M48 thread
Length: 66 mm
360° rotation: included

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