TS-Optics 1.0x Refractor Flattener for telescopes with a focal length of up to 350mm

TS Photoline 1.0x field flattener and corrector for ED and APO refractor telescopes up to 350mm focal length

♦ The flattener compensates for the strong field curvature of these small refractors.

♦ The flattener is suitable for all refractors with a focal length of up to 350mm

♦ Corrected field of view is 28mm, suitable for cameras up to APS-C format.

♦ Telescope side connection SC internal thread (suitable for TS 50 mm f/6.6 ED Apo) and M54x0.75 thread for later adaptations

♦ Camera side connection via T2 - Photo thread M42x0.75

♦ Working distance from the 55mm T2 thread: With the right T-adapter and a DSLR camera, it automatically finds itself at the optimal distance.

♦ The focal length of the telescope does not change.

♦ The telescope is not included.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics image field flattener / corrector for refractors up to 350mm focal length

Small refracting telescopes have a very strong field curvature that normal correctors can no longer compensate for. This corrector is specially designed for these telescopes. The corrector offers very good field correction on all refractors with a focal length of up to 350mm. The use of cameras up to APS-C sensors is possible.


Advantages and features:


♦ Connection on the telescope side via SC thread. It does not stick and therefore does not tilt.

♦ An additional internal thread M54x0.75 is available for future adaptations.

♦ The corrector gives very good results with all refractors up to a focal length of 350mm. Among other things, it was developed for the TS-Optics 50mm f/6.6 ED Apo.

♦ M42x0.75: T2 photo connection on the camera side for easy screw connection of all common DSLR and astro cameras.

♦ 55mm working distance from the T2 thread. With a suitable T-adapter, as linked in the accessories section, you can automatically achieve the correct distance with a DSLR.

♦ The proofreader is fully multi-compensated. In addition, a matte black anti-reflective interior coating achieves an absolute absence of reflections. The image offers a very high contrast, which is also useful for daytime photography (landscape, birds...).


Illuminated and corrected image field: 28 mm
Change of focal length: no change of focal length
System: Flattener / corrector for astrophotography
Connection at telescope side: SC thread - matching the connector of the TSED503 - and female M54x0.75 thread
Connection at camera side: M42x0.75 T2 thread (male)
Working distance: 55 mm from the male T2 thread

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