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TS-Optics finder shoe - flexible base for finder scopes - deluxe

Very versatile and stable base to adapt finder scopes and mini guide scopes to scopes and tubular rings.

♦ Securely attaches your finder scope or mini guide scope to the telescope.

♦ Better grip thanks to two knurled screws - no tilting.

♦ Conforms to flat and curved surfaces

♦ Flexible fixing with four slotted holes

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics finder shoe with four slots

Thanks to the new design, this seeker shoe from TS-Optics offers maximum flexibility and the highest possible stability. Allows the stable adaptation of a finder scope or mini guide scope to your telescope.


♦ Safe adaptation of optical finders and red dot finders to telescopes

♦ Better viewfinder holding thanks to two knurled screws

♦ Problem-free adaptation to flat and round surfaces (tubes)

♦ all commercially available riflescopes fit on the mount (Celestron, Vixen, Skywatcher, TS Optics...)


Great flexibility thanks to four elongated holes (two transverse) and side bars:

Four slotted holes offer optimal mounting options. The distance between the drilling holes can vary from 10mm to 28.5mm. The finder's shoe stands securely on flat surfaces and curved surfaces thanks to two side bars. Tubes with a diameter of 178 mm can be positioned very well with the finder shoe.


Suitable: All finders with standard bracket (Vixen, Celestron, Skywatcher, TS-Optics)
Fits to: All tubes with at least 178 mm diameter and also to flat surfaces
Distance of the mounting screws: from 10 mm to 28.5 mm and also offset by 90°
Max. screw size: M5
Width of screw head notch: 9 mm
Depth of screw head notch: 3.5 mm

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