TS-Optics Search Shoe for SC and D-180mm Tubes

TS search shoe for SC telescopes

♦ Finder shoe with flexible support surface - two bars - same stability as a flat support

♦ Solid hold of the visor with a non-slip

knurled screw

♦ two oblong holes for screws up to M4 (countersunk)

♦ Length of oblong holes - 13 mm

♦ possible distance of the fixing screws: 20 to 35 mm

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Finder shoe for all common finder mounts with versatile mount

Suitable for scope mounts from Skywatcher, Vixen, Celestron, Baader and others.


With the TS finder shoe, you can mount the finder mount to a flat surface, such as the square mirror box of a Dobsonian or the flat surface of a pipe clamp. Also fits optical tubes with a diameter of about 180mm or more. The two elongated holes make the finder shoe particularly flexible. Also fits all Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes from a 6" aperture.


Which search engines fit?

The recording corresponds to the recording of the viewer of Skywatcher, Vixen, Celestron. The Baader Quick Release System 4 also fits. The TS Optics Red Dot Finder RDA also fits into the finder's shoe.


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