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TS-Optics viewfinder mount for the hot shoe of DSLR and system cameras

This handy adapter converts the accessory shoe on a (D)SLR camera or system camera into a standard viewfinder shoe.

♦ Fits on standard flash shoes, eg Canon EOS, RP, R, Nikon, Sony...

♦ Suitable for viewfinders with Skywatcher, Vixen, GSO or TS-Optics and similar viewfinder shoe

♦ Two plastic clamping screws guarantee a perfect hold without scratching the scope base

♦ Scope mount is reinforced with an Allen screw on the hot shoe for optimal support and fit stability

♦ Also ideal for mounting a light guide viewer for astrophotography

♦ Scope of supply complete with screw and Allen key

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics viewfinder mount for flash shoe

This handy adapter converts the flash shoe on a single-lens reflex or system camera into a viewfinder shoe. This allows you to attach a viewfinder or small guide scope directly to the camera. This has many advantages:


♦ comfortable vision even in daylight photography;

♦ one does not depend on the viewfinder of the camera;

♦ ideal for night photography, because a bright optical viewfinder often shows more than the camera's viewfinder. The target is often already visible in the viewfinder.

♦ perfect for attaching a small guide scope, no additional adaptation for a guide scope is required.


Connecting the finder shoe to the camera:


♦ Slide the viewfinder shoe onto the flash mount.

♦ Carefully fix the shoe with the Allen screw. It is not necessary to over-tighten the screw to obtain good stability. The tip of the screw is plastic to avoid scratching the camera.

♦ You can then attach the finder scope or guide scope. There are four internal threads available and it is fastened with two plastic thumb screws.


Fits in: Standard hot shoes (not Minolta, Konica-Minolta and some Sony Alpha)
Adapts to: Standard finder shoe
Clamping: Two plastic screws

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