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TS-Optics 60mm Angle Finder and Guide Scope with 90° View - 1.25" and T2 Connection

Angle finder allows the use of standard 1.25" eyepieces and can be easily converted into a guide scope for astrophotography

♦ Achromatic multi-coated lens with 60mm aperture and 234mm focal length

♦ 90° angle view with vertical image and no mirror

♦ 1.25" connection with compression ring and helical focus: many eyepieces can be used

♦ Amici prism 360° pivot for optimal viewing

♦ The prism can be removed, then a T2 internal thread (M42x0.75) is available for future adaptations

♦ Long working distance of 90mm from the T2 internal thread

♦ Adjustable pipe clamps with thumb screws for exact alignment with main pipe

♦ Viewfinder mount suitable for viewfinder shoes from Vixen, GSO, Skywatcher, Celstron, etc.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics 60mm angled viewfinder with vertical and mirrorless images

The TSFRE60T2 is more than just a viewfinder. The good 2-element lens with a diameter of 60 mm already shows many hundreds of deep-sky objects in combination with the TSIR20 illuminated reticle eyepiece. The 60mm riflescope at just 830 grams including tube rings is only slightly heavier than a conventional riflescope and will also fit into commercially available riflescope shoes such as those from Skywatcher, Vixen, Celestron or TS-Optics .


It can be converted into a guide telescope for astrophotography in just a few simple steps.

When the prism is removed from the tube, you will find a female T2 thread. They have a very generous 90mm working distance from the internal thread to the focus. All common cameras and even correctors can be integrated. We especially recommend the following adaptation:


♦ TSHeli1 Helical focuser with male T2 connection thread on the telescope side, the focuser fits directly into the female T2 thread. The working distance from the T2 and 1.25" connection is 33mm to 43mm.

♦ You can shorten the working distance with the appropriate T2 extension sleeves. The extension simply stands between the viewfinder and the helical focuser.


The advantages and product features of the TSFRE60T2:


♦ High quality metal construction for the best possible stability

♦ Good 2-element multi-coated lens

♦ Focusing by turning the 1.25" helical focuser on the side of the eyepiece to observe

♦ T2 female thread for conversion to a compact guide sight

♦ Solid clamping with ring clamping

♦ Vertical, mirrorless image through 90° Amici prism

♦ The display position can be rotated in the desired direction

♦ Adjustable tube rings have plastic tipped metal screws to prevent scratching the telescope

♦ The scope fits into standard scope mounts such as those used by Skywatcher, Celestron, GSO...


Matching eyepieces and autoguiders for the TSFRE60T2:

The viewfinder focus is about 5mm above the 1.25" socket on the Amici prism. This is sufficient for many eyepieces, such as Plössl eyepieces. A very good eyepiece for centering is the TSIR20 illuminated reticle eyepiece, which can be find in the Recommended accessories are linked.


Even without the T2 connection, the scope is suitable for autoguiding. However, the autoguider must have a 1.25" housing, otherwise it will not focus. On the other hand, it can be focused with all cameras via the T2 connection.


Aperture: 60 mm
Focal length of lens: 234 mm
Weight with holder: 830 grams
Eyepiece side connection: 1.25" with compression ring
Focus position: 5 mm above the 1.25" receptacle of the prism
Connection thread tube/prism: M28x1
Outer diameter of the tube: 54 mm
Intermediate thread for photo adaptations: T2 (M42x0.75) internal thread
Distance to focus from T2 thread: 90 mm
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